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Rachel Eliminated On Hell’s Kitchen

July 10, 2006 11:09 PM by Joe Blackmon

Rachel_hellskitchenChef Ramsay disguises catfish, hot dogs, cheese in a can, and a TV dinner to look like a variety of fancy foods.  The aspiring chefs fall for the trick completely and rave over what they think is caviar and other high quality dishes.  After the trick, Chef Ramsay tells the teams that their first challenge is a taste test.  The red team wins the challenge and their reward is an exclusive photo shoot for TV Guide.  Meanwhile, the blue team has to clean the kitchen.

During the photo shoot, Sara, as she puts it “blew gas” or “lifted a leg and let it go.”  Chef Ramsay exclaims “That is gross.”  For the dinner service, Heather on the blue team comes under fire from Chef Ramsay for starting to cook spaghetti early.  The red team gets off to a good start in getting their appetizers ready.  However, an appetizer gets returned to the red kitchen because it has a black hair in it.  Chef Ramsay loses his temper with the red kitchen when they try to send out burnt quail.  Chef Ramsay pulls Rachel aside and asks her is she wants to go home and tells her to get it together. 

The blue kitchen manages to serve all their entrees, but Chef Ramsay shuts down the red kitchen before they complete their dinner service.  Heather raises her hand and tells Chef Ramsay that she thinks everyone on the blue team should be on the block.  Chef Ramsay selects the red team as the losing team and asks Virginia to nominate two of her teammates for elimination.  Despite Sara making her look like a liar last week, Virginia nominates Rachel and Maribel.  Chef Ramsay eliminates Rachel but pays her a compliment saying “You’ve busted your ass off in this kitchen.  You’ve worked so hard.  Harder than anyone here.”         

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2 Responses to “Rachel Eliminated On Hell’s Kitchen”

  1. Maria Says:
    July 11th, 2006 at 2:25 pm

    Maribel arguing with Chef that she has curly hair was dumb. She has black eyebrows and eyelashes which could’ve fallen onto the food. You can’t really help those things, but it’s not her place to argue with Chef.

    Sara farting…. gross. Bad enough when a guy does it but a chick? Meh.

    VERY lame of Heather to say the whole blue team deserved to be on the block but then try to save herself by saying she wanted to work harder next time.

  2. Judit Rigo Says:
    July 13th, 2006 at 7:46 pm

    MeeVee Exclusive: Hell’s Kitchen Interview
    Meet Rachel–the latest cast off of Hell’s Kitchen who, at 39, has her own nutritional company in Texas and swears she had no idea what Hell’s Kitchen was before auditioning.
    Continue reading the interview with Hell’s Kitchen’s latest cast off, visit:


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