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Theo Von Talks About Last Comic Standing, Asks For Your Vote In Online Finals

July 16, 2006 06:49 PM by Joe Blackmon

A reality TV veteran has made the finals of the online portion of Last Comic Standing.  Theo Von, who has appeared on Road Rules and various Road Rules/Real World Challenges, has been working in stand up comedy for the last four years, and Last Comic Standing could be a big break for him, but he needs help from reality TV fans to vote him back on the show.  Theo Von recently took some time to answer some questions for Reality TV Magazine about his experiences with Last Comic Standing, and we would like to encourage all Reality TV Magazine readers to go to NBC.com and vote for Theo Von.

Reality TV Magazine:  You’ve done quite a few reality TV shows including Road Rules, various Road Rules/Real World Challenges, Battle of the Network Reality Stars, and now Last Comic Standing.  Are there any other reality shows that you would like to do?  Amazing Race?  Survivor?  American Idol?

Theo Von:  Amazing Race would be epic…I’d do anything to be on there…and if I had to pick an ‘Amazing Race’ I’d say Asians…they are so smart and compact.  Not American Idol, because I can’t sing a lick…

Reality TV Magazine:  What is your personal favorite reality show?

Theo Von:  The Contender is the BEST SHOW EVER.  I love it, and Peter Manfredo Jr. is my boxing idol.

Reality TV Magazine:  You didn’t make it onto the boat on Last Comic Standing.  Were you surprised that the judges didn’t put you through?

Theo Von:  I was surprised after seeing some of the bums they did pick…and I felt bad for some of the guys they didn’t pick…they passed on some good talent, but also on some good characters.

Reality TV Magazine:  How do you think you would have faired in competition against the twelve finalists who did make it on the boat?

Theo Von:  I could have beaten some of them,hands down…some of the girls they picked were the WORST.

Reality TV Magazine:  What do you think of speculation that the producers/judges seemed to be casting characters that would make good television and not necessarily the best comics as the twelve finalists?

Theo Von:  That’s definitely the way it went down,they passed on some talent for sure…and I would have livened up that show.  The interaction between the cast is a bit boring,but its also because I’m probably a bit envious that they got picked and I didn’t.  I’m a very competitive dude.

Reality TV Magazine:  What do you think of the controversy of Gabriel Iglesias being kicked off of Last Comic Standing for a rules violation?  Were the producers to harsh on him?  Was it unfair of him to take a spot on the boat that could have gone to another comedian and then not take it seriously enough to follow the rules?

Theo Von:  Gabriel acted like he was ‘too cool for school’ when I was around him, and maybe he was, I mean he’s already a very successful comedian…but still, he could’ve been a bit more social,a lot of people thought this, not just me.

Reality TV Magazine:  Even though you did not make it onto the boat, you did make it to the finals of the online competition.  Can you tell our readers how they can vote for you and why they should vote for you?

Theo Von:  It’s pretty simple…. they just have to go to http://www.nbc.com/Last_Comic_Standing/voting/ and bubble in the space by my name, and vote for me.  They can vote once from each email address that they have, and I ask fans of reality TV to support me and have their friends and family vote as well.  That’s really it…I’d be forever grateful…and owe each fan a hug.

Reality TV Magazine:  From what I understand, the two top vote getters of the six online finalists will earn a right to compete head-to-head on the penultimate episode of Last Comic Standing.  Then the winner of the online and the broadcast competition will be announced on the finale.  Can you tell us what it would mean to you to win the online competition?

Theo Von:  It would mean a lot to be able to showcase the talent I’ve been honing for the past 4 years…if I can bring a little laughter to America then I’d like to have the chance to do so on a grand stage,on a personal level it would really mean a lot…I’d be indebted to each voter.

Reality TV Magazine:  Is there any thing else that you would like to tell our readers?

Theo Von:  Keep supporting reality TV,and if you think you are right for a show, then go and audition,the only way some of these shows can get better is if casting directors have the best choices to choose from,hope everyone is having a great Summer.

Reality TV Magazine is your source for Last Comic Standing news.  For other great Last Comic Standing news, please also check out SirLinksALot: Last Comic Standing.

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