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Treasure Hunters – Kayte Whines, Brown Family Eliminated

July 17, 2006 09:10 PM by Joe Blackmon

Brown_family_eliminatedThe Brown Family talks about continuing on without Keith, who has torn a quadricep.   Host Laird MacIntosh gives the Brown family the option of taking a six hour penalty and skipping the swamp or ending the hunt.  The offer to the Brown Family seems somewhat unfair since there didn’t appear to be any similar offer made to the Grad Students when one of their team members was injured.  The Brown Family elects to take the penalty and continue the hunt.

The Geniuses discuss leaving Sam behind because he could be a disadvantage in the physical competitions.  However, in the end, they decide their friendship is more important and go back to pick up Sam.  The Fogal Family looks to be regretting that they didn’t leave Kayte behind.  Kayte screams constantly about her leg hurting and her whining hinders her family in solving the clues.  At one point, Margie Fogal says “If Kayte can kind of shut up and allow Brad some time to think, I think we’ll be in a better place.”

After finding a clue in some quilts at the plantation, the teams race to Dock Street Theatre in Charleston, South Carolina.  At the Dock Street Theatre, the teams breathe on mirrors to reveal the next destination of Fort Pulaski.  At Fort Pulaski, teams find a map in the top of flag poles.  Teams then dig in the woods of Savannah, Georgia to find the next artifact. 

Team Air Force is the first team to find the artifact, Ex-CIA is second, the Southie Boys are third, the Fogal Family is fourth, Miss USA is fifth, and the Geniuses are sixth.  The Brown Family never makes it to Fort Pulaski, as Host Laird MacIntosh calls and delivers the message by cell phone that they have been eliminated. 

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