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The Contender 2 Results – Michael Clark & Rudy Cisneros Out

July 18, 2006 11:06 PM by Joe Blackmon

Norberto_rudySugar Ray Leonard welcomes the sixteen boxers to The Contender 2.  Sergio Mora, who won the first Contender, advises the boxers to take this opportunity seriously.  The boxers watch each other train.  Sugar Ray Leonard asks for two volunteers.  Nick Acevedo and Michael Clark step forward, and Sugar Ray Leonard asks them to pick teams.  Cornelius “K9″ Bundrage is the last boxer picked. 

Suger Ray Leonard asks the gold team and the blue team to decide which boxer on their team will fight first.  For the first match, the gold team selects Michael Clark, and the blue team selects Cornelius “K9″ Bundrage. 

In round one, K9 has a definite upper hand and forces Michael out of his game.  In round two, K9 continues his relentless attack on Michael, but Michael manages to land a couple good blows.  In round three, Michael launches an amazing comeback landing a flurry of punches.  In round four, Michael continues his comeback and pounds K9 into the ropes.  In round five, K9 knocks Michael down to the mat.  The winner by majority decision is Cornelius “K9″ Bundrage.  K9 says “I just feel like crying right now, I’m so happy.”

For their reward, the blue team gets to go out for a victory dinner with Sugar Ray Leonard and Alfonzo Gomez.  Sugar Ray Leonard also tells the blue team that they get to decide who fights from both teams.  For the second match, the blue team selects Norberto Bravo from their own team and Rudy Cisneros from the gold team. 

In round one, both boxers throw a flurry of punches with Noberto gaining an advantage toward the end of the round.  In round two, Rudy starts to mount a comeback landing several strong punches.  In round three, Norberto regains his advantage with several solid upper cuts.  In round four, Norberto continues with the upper cuts but then gets pinned to the ropes by Rudy.  In round five, both boxers trade punches like there is no tomorrow, but the advantage goes to Norberto.  In one of the greatest Contender fights ever, the winner is Norberto Bravo by a split decision.

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2 Responses to “The Contender 2 Results – Michael Clark & Rudy Cisneros Out”

  1. Sue Says:
    July 19th, 2006 at 2:53 pm

    When is the Contender 2 televised and on what channel ?

  2. DARLA Says:
    August 30th, 2006 at 12:19 pm

    I am addicted to The Contender and hope that Bravo wins it all !
    Bravo has a great heart & a contagious spirit. Congratulations on winning the Toyota Tundra and if you don’t win the finals, you should model for Hugo Boss business suits !
    Keep your heart in the right place & keep on smiling, Texas loves you !!


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