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Fire Fear Factor

July 24, 2006 11:33 PM by Joe Blackmon

FIRE FEAR FACTOR– "NOT ONLY DOES IT TASTE LIKE VOMIT, BUT MY HANDS ARE NUMB."– In this special fire themed episode of "Fear Factor" teams will battle the flames for the chance to win $50,000. In the first stunt, teams must hang from a cargo net dangling from a helicopter, while their opponents try and knock them off using fire boat water cannons.

Then, the teams struggle to remain standing as they down a spicy concoction made of the hottest peppers in the world. Finally, teams must complete a flaming slide challenge in the quickest time in order to win the grand prize. This week’s Home Invasion takes host Joe Rogan to Rochester, Minnesota where he surprises yet another unsuspecting family with a "Fear Factor" challenge of their own.  Fear Factor airs on Tuesday, July 25 at 8P.M. ET on NBC.

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