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Million Dollar Listing To Follow Top Real Estate Agents In Hollywood & Malibu

July 26, 2006 11:03 PM by Joe Blackmon

Bravo will pull back the curtain on yet another familiar world to watch what happens when ten top agents in California’s tough real estate market stop at nothing to close the deal on the next "Million Dollar Listing." The six-episode, one-hour series will look at the high-stakes, cutthroat world of real estate in the high-priced fantasy lands of Malibu and Hollywood and introduce an array of colorful personalities including high-powered agents, sellers and buyers as their riveting lives intersect. "Million Dollar Listing" premieres on Tuesday, August 29, 2006 from 9-10 PM, ET/PT.

There is an abundance of intense emotions when agents, homeowners and potential buyers lose their patience and their minds, as they all attempt to get the most out of their "Million Dollar Listing." The players range from a rookie agent just learning the ropes, to an agent who calls herself the "condo queen," as well as a violinist selling his multi-million dollar estate and a seller in Hollywood whose wife is urging him to unload his beloved dream house complete with a stripper pole.

"Whether you own property, aspire to own it or aspire to trade it, it’s part of our culture and it’s what everyone’s talking about, " said Frances Berwick, Executive Vice President of Production and Programming for Bravo. "Everyone who has ever bought or sold a home knows that it is the ultimate in real drama and in ‘Million Dollar Listing,’ we get to watch the drama unfold through the eyes of a handful of charismatic realtors in Hollywood and Malibu."

"Million Dollar Listing" will follow the trials and tribulations of two real estate companies, one in Hollywood and one in Malibu, to expose the intense work and competition that it takes to move the hot listing of the week. Each episode will showcase a real estate listing from Hollywood and a listing from Malibu, starting from the beginning of the selling process and hopefully to the coveted close. Over the course of the series, viewers will see the ups and downs as a dozen of California’s biggest and best homes go up for sale. The storylines range from a woman who is a hysterical divorcee forced to sell her multi-million dollar home, to an agent whose personal ties to the seller (her ex-fiancÃ) get in the way of a potential sale. Each and every dramatic moment that unfolds will be revealed during these testing, high dollar negotiations.

"THE SCHMOOZER" – Scotty Brown, Malibu agent, is a smooth talking former club promoter and rock and roll manager. He got into real estate because he likes people and he has a knack for getting people to like him. Scotty will attempt to sell a southern socialite’s mountaintop abode and a beautifully renovated home in an exclusive community, although the seller’s wife would rather stay behind the gates.

"TOP AGENT" – Carol Bird is one of Malibu’s top producing agents. She sells millions of dollars worth of homes, but stays grounded by finding time each day to focus on herself. Carol attempts to sell a multi-acre, multi-million dollar horse estate of a quirky world-renowned violinist.

"THE CONDO QUEEN" – Lydia Simon says she’s known as the "Condo Queen of Malibu." She does sell some homes, but her bread and butter are in beachfront condominiums. Lydia will try to set a new record high for a beachfront multi-million dollar condo, all while planning and hosting her wedding.

"THE ROOKIE" – Madison Hildebrand is new on the real estate scene, but he’s quickly finding his footing on the sandy shores of Malibu. In his first six months, Madison has earned more than $200,000 in commissions. Madison discovers office politics as he tries to sell his first multi-million dollar listing.
"THE MOGUL" – Chris Cortazzo has been selling real estate in Malibu for eleven years and is the third highest grossing Coldwell Banker agent in the world, with sales over $100 million each year for the past five years. Chris Cortazzo is asking top dollar for an exclusive beachfront bungalow.

"THE DIVA" AND "MR. NICE GUY" – Dia and Ray Schuldenfrei are in the top 1% of ReMax agents nationwide and have more than thirty years of experience selling homes in the Hollywood Hills. They’ve just come off one of their biggest years ever, selling millions of dollars in property. In the series, they will deal with a desperate divorcee forced to sell the home she loves.

"MR. HOLLYWOOD" – Chase Campen, a new Hollywood agent, is married to Ray and Dia’s only daughter. After his wife gave birth to twins, he decided ramp up his real estate business in order to have a more flexible schedule. During the series, he’ll have to navigate the tough line between a seller who refuses to negotiate and a hard-line buyer.

"MR. MOM" – Michael Wegmann, Hollywood agent, made his fortune in the dot-com industry, now he sells real estate as a hobby. During the series, he will try to sell the ultra modern home of a former record producer. He and his partner try to have a child during the series.

"THE BOMBSHELL" – Shannon McLeod is brand new agent in the Hollywood ReMax office. In the series, she’ll attempt to sell her ex-fiancÃe’s $2.3 million house.

"Million Dollar Listing" is produced for Bravo by World of Wonder. Executive Producers are Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato. Michaline Babich is supervising producer and was edited by Mike Rysavy.

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5 Responses to “Million Dollar Listing To Follow Top Real Estate Agents In Hollywood & Malibu”

  1. Terry Haller Says:
    August 30th, 2006 at 11:44 am

    “Million Dollar Listing” seemed phony & scripted. No sane dude would de-list his house after only one (annoying) offer. And what’s with that Kojak throwback guy? I’ll watch it again because it’s so bad.

  2. Chrsistopher Stigson Says:
    April 26th, 2007 at 11:53 am

    Nice Show! It has aired already, I did see some recording of the show and wanted to comment on it. I did like the concept! If you ever do want to check out my million dollar idea then go to http://million-dollar-realiy.blogspot.com

    I don’t know, maybe some day it will be on TV as well =)

  3. robert Says:
    June 15th, 2007 at 10:40 am

    I sometimes enjoy this show, but like any “real life” show they only show the stupid bits…but I guess that’s all people want to see.

    1. Greedy sellers who won’t upgrade something on their house for a few thousand, even though their profit is like 1 million or more.

    Honestly, the world can do without these types of people.

    2. Sadly, the show seems to show the husband as a pretty interesting, funny man, who enjoys his life but is easy going, the wife seems to be super shallow and like item one, bitches when they loose a few grand. This again could be editting.

    3. The show “still” has and edge that real estate is seedy and staffed by people who are making it up as they go along…I don’t think that’s true, but some seem like nincompoops who just want to push a sale. Like their all in so much debt…all flash, no cash.

  4. Lisa Says:
    November 6th, 2007 at 7:30 pm


  5. Lisa Says:
    November 6th, 2007 at 7:30 pm

    Madison Hildebrand from Million Dollar Listing has a website! Check out the best real estate in beautiful Malibu, CA at http://www.themalibulife.com.


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