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Who Wants To Be A Superhero – Levity & Nitro G Eliminated

July 27, 2006 10:26 PM by Joe Blackmon

Nitrog_eliminatedAfter the Who Wants To Be A Superhero auditions, the superheroes are narrowed down to the top twelve, who are Tobias Trost as Levity, Jonathan Finestone as Rotiart, Tonya Kay as Creature, Chris Watters as Major Victory, Steel Chambers as The Iron Enforcer, Mary Votava as Monkey Woman, Nell Wilson as Fat Momma, Darren Passarello as Nitro G, Chelsea Weld as Cell Phone Girl, Matthew Atherton as Feedback, E. Quincy Sloan as Tyveculus, and Tonatzin Mondragon as Lemuria. 

After the superheroes arrive at the mansion, they start dancing and clowning around.  Stan Lee appears via video screen and tells them this is serious business and reprimands them for the way they are acting.  Stan Lee tells the superheroes that they will not be staying at the mansion but they will be going to their own secret lair.  The superheroes are taken by limousine to a rundown warehouse.  Before entering the warehouse, Stan Lee informs them that one of them is a spy and that one of them is going home. 

Rotiart (which is Traitor spelled backwards) exposes himself as the spy.  Rotiart shows tape of Levity talking about making money off action figures, Creature talking about going to the club with Major Victory, and The Iron Enforcer talking about killing people.  Stan Lee eliminates Levity and tells him to put his costume in the trashcan. 

For their first mission, the superheroes wear their street clothes.  The challenge is for the superheroes to find a place to change into their costumes and race to the finish line.  The real challenge though is there is a little girl crying about losing her mom right before the finish line.  Most of the superheroes race by the little girl in distress. 

The elimination ceremony has the superheroes standing on lighted boxes.  There are three red boxes in front that the superheroes up for elimination will have to stand on.  Stan Lee calls Nitro G forward because not only did he pass by the little girl but he changed his clothes out in the open.  Stan Lee calls Monkey Girl forward because she actually glanced at the little girl but kept running.  Stan Lee calls The Iron Enforcer forward because not only did he ignore the little girl, but his talk of killing people calls into question if he has the qualities of a superhero.  Stan Lee selects Nitro G to leave the lair.  Stan Lee says “Son, you still have a little growing up to do, but tomorrow is another day, and I am sure I shall see you again.  Nitro G, turn in your costume.”          

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3 Responses to “Who Wants To Be A Superhero – Levity & Nitro G Eliminated”

  1. Anonymous Says:
    July 28th, 2006 at 1:38 pm

    This show rocks! if you missed it, I heard it’s going to be on Bravo Saturday. I’m sure there will be endless reruns on both networks.

  2. Judit Rigo Says:
    July 28th, 2006 at 8:42 pm

    Seriously, best two hours of TV last night in a long time.
    Superhero and Darkspace were friggin hilarious.
    Check out the review I wrote: http://blog.meevee.com/my_weblog/2006/07/scifi_finds_its.html

  3. Anonymous Says:
    August 7th, 2006 at 2:50 pm

    do you have a levity costume


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