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Treasure Hunters – Miss USA Eliminated

July 31, 2006 10:05 PM by Joe Blackmon

Missusa_treasurehuntersThe teams are given a choice between rock climbing and driving to St. Tropez for their first clue.  Air Force, the Southie Boy, the Geniuses, and Ex-CIA all choose to rock climb, while Miss USA chooses to drive.  After completing their tasks, teams find a set of keys and a picture of a castle. 

Teams race to Peille Castle, where the Air Force quickly finds the next clue hidden in loose rocks on the castle wall.  Ex-Cia, the Southie Boys, and the Geniuses miss the clue and spend time wandering around in the forest, while Miss USA catches up and easily finds the clue.  Ex-Cia, the Southie Boys, and the Geniuses finally return to the castle and find the clue.

Teams race to the Trophy of the Alps.  Teams find an inverted rose symbol on the hillside, which signifies there is a treasure hidden nearby.  Air Force finds the treasure first and wins $50,000.  The next clue is a map of the city of Paris. 

Teams race to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  At the Statue of Liberty, the teams receive a clue about cleaning the streets of Paris, which is a hint to pour water on their maps.  The Southie Boys figure out to pour water on their maps before reaching the Eiffel Tower, and they share this information with the Ex-CIA and the Geniuses.  Host Laird MacIntosh calls the three teams when they reach the Eiffel Tower and tells them they can skip ahead.  Miss USA struggles to figure out the clue and falls into last place.                

Teams race to Chateau D’omonville in Normandy, France, where they use their keys to open lock boxes in search of the sixth artifact.   Air Force is the first team to find the artifact, the Geniuses are second, Ex-CIA is third, and the Southie Boys are fourth.  Miss USA is in last place, when they receive a call from Host Laird MacIntosh telling them they have been eliminated. 

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