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Camp Steve-O Coming To USA Network

August 10, 2006 11:01 PM by Joe Blackmon

USA Network has greenlit production on CAMP STEVE-O, a 30-minute reality pilot starring Steve-O of "Jackass" and "Wildboyz" fame, as he attempts to "de-wussify" the men of America with his own special brand of boot camp. The pilot is being produced in partnership with reality powerhouse Bunim-Murray Productions ("The Real World," "The Simple Life " "Starting Over"). The announcement was made by Jeff Wachtel, USA’s executive vice president, original programming.

"Talk about unique characters! CAMP STEVE-O will certainly bring something different to USA," said Wachtel. "We’re looking forward to working with Steve-O and Bunim/Murray to create an energized, fun show that will grab you by the… er, let’s just say, that will be very entertaining!"

"We are thrilled to be collaborating with USA Network in bringing back someone with such a sizable, existing fan base on cable," added Jonathan Murray, Chairman and President, Bunim-Murray Productions. "Steve-O is certain to complement USA’s innovative programming."

CAMP STEVE-O will follow the adventures of the indomitable Steve-O – a member of a dying breed of live-life-to-the-max daredevils who is disgusted with the alarming number of wussified men – as he travels around in a camper van invading the homes and offices of wimps, nerds and couch-potatoes who have been nominated by their buddies, girlfriends, wives, mothers and co-workers to be "de-wussified." Administering his wild brand of "extreme attitude adjustments" – including shockingly hilarious stunts and embarrassingly funny and demented dares specifically tailored to each "Steve-O-in-training," Steve-O will confront the guys where they live and shock them out of their shells where it matters most – in their hometowns in front of their family and friends!

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One Response to “Camp Steve-O Coming To USA Network”

  1. thomas kranock Says:
    November 27th, 2006 at 11:07 am

    Hey Im stoked about this show.Ive been doing crazy crap my whole life amazingly enough never to be crippled or paralized, okay hospitilized a couple times. I just told my wife to try to get ahold of Mtv show made and tell them i wanted to be made into a jackass, now heres camp steve-o. dude im perfect for this show. Ive snorted chunks of habanero peppers which was way worse than wasibi,sprayed mace in my mouth and unfortenitly id staple my balls to my leg….This might make me a loser but Steve-o is an icon in my eyes. How do I get on this damn show


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