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Amazing Race’s Jonathan Baker & Victoria Fuller Expecting A Baby Girl, Will Show Their Softer Side On The Girls Next Door

August 29, 2006 06:35 PM by Joe Blackmon

Jonathan_baker_emmyJonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller, who are perhaps best known for competing on Amazing Race 6, are scheduled to appear on the September 24 and October 1 episodes of The Girls Next Door.  However, don’t expect to see the controversial Jonathan Baker who tangled with Joe Rogan on Fear Factor, as Jonathan tells Reality TV Magazine that their Girls Next Door appearances will focus on their sweet side.  In addition to their upcoming appearances on The Girl’s Next Door, Jonathan and Victoria have another reason to celebrate.  Jonathan tells Reality TV Magazine that he and Victoria are expecting a baby girl.  Keep reading for the full scoop on what Jonathan Baker had to say about Amazing Race’s Emmy Award, the ethnic division twist on Survivor, and The Girl’s Next Door.

Reality TV Magazine: Before we talk about your upcoming appearance on The Girls Next Door, I wanted to ask you about Amazing Race’s fourth straight Emmy win for Outstanding Reality Competition program. Why do you think Amazing Race keeps winning even in the face of competition like the very highly rated American Idol?

Jonathan Baker: Hello Joe, I was at the Emmy’s 12th row center the other night with Victoria asking myself why does everyone ask the same thing. First off, the only show that should have won once or twice is Survivor. The reason it does not win and the Amazing race does is because it takes about 3000 people to produce The Amazing Race worldwide and that cannot be denied. Let’s not forget that American Idol is a variety show, it is not a reality show. CBS does a great job with their reality brands.

Reality TV Magazine: Do you have any stories that you can share from your experience attending the Emmy Awards?

Jonathan Baker: Walking the red carpet for two hours you really understand the power of the media. Our season was two years ago yet people from around the world’s media still want to talk to us and check in. I know a lot of people in this town so to see them all in one place and just have a moment to have fun is what the night is all about. Celebration and parties.

I went back stage after the Amazing Race won and listened to the press conference. I thought that Bertram Van Munster is just the glue to the show and without him the show would not get done year after year the way it gets done. Phil has grown with the show for years and really owns it and that is why the Amazing Race has such flavor when you see it come alive.
All and all it was a fun night and everyone is a fan of someone else and that kind of surprises me year after year.

Reality TV Magazine: There are rumors that Amazing Race 11 will be an All Stars edition. Are you at liberty to address these rumors?

Jonathan Baker: NO COMMENT.

Reality TV Magazine: There is a also a rumor that Dr. Will Kirby from Big Brother will be on an upcoming Amazing Race (possible on an All Stars edition featuring reality stars from various CBS reality shows). Are you familiar with Dr. Will, and if so, then how do you think he would do on The Amazing Race?

Jonathan Baker: NO COMMENT.

Reality TV Magazine: Of course everybody is talking about Survivor announcing that the tribes will be divided along ethnic lines. What is your take on this latest controversial twist to Survivor?

Jonathan Baker: I love Survivor……. I think what they did is very interesting. I think everyone is making to big a deal of it. I think the divide with be short but what will be fascinating will be how they act to each other once they split into two teams again. Who sides with who and who does not from the original divide. This is a reality game show and Survivor knows how to keep it fresh. They know how to bring the twist together to get maximum drama.

Reality TV Magazine:  You and Victoria are scheduled to be on The Girls Next Door on E! on September 24 and October 1. How did the two of you wind up on this show?

Jonathan Baker:  I have known Hugh Hefner for about 22 years.  We are close friends.  When he and Holly found out Victoria was going to have a baby he just wanted us to be part of the show.  He wanted to show the softer side of us.  No one had ever shown our sweet side before.  I think you will see a moment in time that has not been shown on TV about us ever.  People think the Playboy Mansion is just about parties and sex and forget it is someone’s house.  We spend a lot of time up there with friends watching movies and playing cards.  The Playboy Mansion in its quiet moments is like most homes in American except it is a mansion and has a staff to do things for you that most would do for them self.

Reality TV Magazine:  Tell us a little about the Baby.

Jonathan Baker:  I am very excited about her, yes it is a her, and her name is Trease.  She is going to be a smart and strong individual.  She is going to have one amazing life.  I can’t wait to meet her on or around October 1, 2006.

Reality TV Magazine:  Many of your reality TV related appearances have been somewhat controversial, not the least of which was your tussle with Joe Rogan on Fear Factor. Can we expect any similar type of drama during your appearance on The Girls Next Door?

Jonathan Baker:  No lol what you will see is the sweeter side of Jonathan and Victoria.  I don’t set out to be controversial on competitive realty TV I just turn the filters off and allow the volume to be deafening because it makes for good ratings.  I think one should be true to the medium one is in.  The Girl’s Next Door is not about winning, it’s about just having fun.

Reality TV Magazine:  Do you get along with all three of The Girls Next Door? Between Holly, Kendra, & Bridget which is your favorite? And least favorite?

Jonathan Baker:  I think all three girls just like in the show bring something different to me.  Holly is so smart and creative she blows me away all the time.  I love spending time with her because she is so on top of life.  Bridget is your all American girl next door.  She will take her opportunity with Playboy and become a news anchor or host for a major network.  She goes to collage and does the shows and gets A’s so she’s such a hard worker.  Kendra is my girl who I hang with, we play volley and snowboard.  She is so funny sometimes I have to check what I am laughing about.  What you see on TV is not the half of it.  They are all fun to be around.  They are nice girls at the core and we all have a lot of fun together.

Reality TV Magazine:  What’s next for Jonathan and Victoria?

Jonathan Baker:  We are going to be on our own show this year.  We have been busy that is for sure.  We also have a radio show that will be produce by the Rick Dee’s company this fall.  Speaking to radio I wanted to thank you for running the banner on Reality TV Magazine for www.Realityminute.com.  We are listened to around the world in 30 different markets.  You can also check our website www.jonathanbakerandvictoriafuller.com for updates. We do a lot of fun stuff and I post almost all of it.

Reality TV Magazine is your source for Amazing Race news.  For other great Amazing Race news, please also check out SirLinksALot: Amazing Race.

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8 Responses to “Amazing Race’s Jonathan Baker & Victoria Fuller Expecting A Baby Girl, Will Show Their Softer Side On The Girls Next Door”

  1. Anonymous Says:
    August 29th, 2006 at 8:36 pm

    I’ll give up on TAR if they cross cast anyone from another reality show. It’s crap anyway that the producers of Big Brother had to bribe Will to come back on the show. He’s not all that. But calling it The Amazing Race All-Stars and using people from other reality shows is a slap in the face to the teams that have competed on the show before and won’t be given a second shot just because someone like Will or Boogie or Janelle need a tenth. I’m not crazy about an All-Stars version to begin with but I have a feeling it’s going to happen, since nothing’s been said about the 11th season yet.

  2. ZK Says:
    August 30th, 2006 at 8:22 am

    Truly frightening that Jonathon and Victoria would procreate! What a sad existence for that poor kid….their marriage is a mess and he is so verbally abusive and unsupportive…..Their new show should be called “The house of Disrespect”.

  3. Anonymous Says:
    August 30th, 2006 at 7:07 pm

    OMG she should take that baby and run fast and far away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. marie Says:
    August 31st, 2006 at 11:15 am

    I think Jonny Fairplay should’ve clocked Victoria in that busted ugly face of hers after she punched him in the stomach on Fear Factor.

    If she gives birth…Poor kid will end up a punching bag for them or he’ll be setting kittens on fire by the time he’s in kindergarten.

  5. Deekeryu Says:
    September 2nd, 2006 at 3:55 pm

    Congrats on the their coming Baby! I read that Jonathan has said before that he’s always wanted a baby since they got married 9 years ago. It’s a perfect time for them I think and it will be great for their relationship.

    I think you guys only see what you want to see. They’re just your over the top kooky couple who does things to bring a spark to television. Nothing more. Plus there’s times where I’ve seen their softer side on the race and people just ignore that. Also, there have been numerous friends and racers who have spoken highly about them. They’re really great people outside the Reality TV spectrum and they are more than what you guys see on TV.

  6. Penny Says:
    September 10th, 2006 at 9:01 pm

    “He’s not all that. But calling it The Amazing Race All-Stars and using people from other reality shows is a slap in the face to the teams that have competed on the show before and won’t be given a second shot just because someone like Will or Boogie or Janelle need a tenth.”

    You hit that nail on the head. This so-called puppet master let that piece of furniture get to his precious Janelle. Thanks to him, the homance is in the final two.

    Allison was a waste of space. Romber was bad because they had both done reality before and there was not any newness in them. If CBS want to keep their faithful TAR viewers, they should stay away from this recycling crap. Putting another famewhore like JaWill is overkill!

  7. Ace Says:
    September 10th, 2006 at 9:15 pm

    It’s time for Jonathan to give up reality tv. Nobody wants to support a douchebag wife beater.

  8. www.lake-shore.co.uk Says:
    October 10th, 2007 at 2:31 pm

    Truly frightening that Jonathon and Victoria would procreate! What a sad existence for that poor kid


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