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American Idol Memphis Auditions Bring Second Largest Turnout In Show’s History

September 04, 2006 11:02 PM by Joe Blackmon

Last year, American Idol producers had to cancel a scheduled audition stop in Memphis, Tennessee because of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts that were taking place in that city.  This year, American Idol producers scheduled another visit to Memphis, and the city provided the second highest audition turnout in the six year history of American Idol. 

According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, producers reported that 16,000 people registered at the American Idol Memphis auditions.  Over half this number were singers, and the remainder consisted of the one guest that each singer was allowed to bring if they so chose.  The largest audition turn-out in American Idol history occurred during season four in Washington, D.C. when 20,000 people showed up.   

The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports that Nigel Lythgoe said New York in season three had the next largest turnout of 13,000 people.  However, he must have forgotten about Cleveland.  According to many published reports, Cleveland had 15,000 people turnout for an American Idol audition during season four.  Based on either number though, Memphis looks to have moved into the second spot. 

The Memphis Commercial Appeal also reports that the contestants were divided into a line that was 30 people across and stretched half a mile around the FedEx Forum.  Nigel Lythgoe is also reported as having said that producers are not necessarily looking for the best singer but someone with star quality.  Lythgoe pointed to American Idol winner Taylor Hicks as having a great personality and third place finisher Elliott Yamin as being a great technician.  Jerome Chism, Cidney Kirk, and Charese Miller were listed as singers that made it through to the next round. 

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2 Responses to “American Idol Memphis Auditions Bring Second Largest Turnout In Show’s History”

  1. Michael J. Ciancaglini Says:
    October 6th, 2006 at 8:19 pm

    Go Randy–you are the cat, Dog!!
    American Idol is one of the best of these type of shows for a host of reasons.
    Every once in awhile they get it right. Taylor Hicks and Kelly Clarkson are good singers,not great performancers yet.
    But how great was Chris from last season or Bo from the season??
    Talented singers who really can sing.
    The judges are the best in the judging singers business. From Randy bear-like prescense to Paula’s liberal dose of kindness to the sheer ballsy quips of King
    The terrible singers are so entertainingly awful, they put Flav and Flavors of the week to shame!!!
    I always quibble with the song choices. But finally, we see less and less or banshee Whitney songs and diva Areath, and the same lame Motown stuff.
    Great to see more variety of songs.
    This is an entertaining show, and less fake moments of sentiment.
    These judges take no prisoners and thats as it should be.
    Not dead by a long shot, this Idol show just keeps improving.
    And the scandals seem like fluff when the actual winner is crowned.
    Terrific stuff.
    Rate this show: *** 1/2 stars!
    Entertaining to the max.

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