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Amazing Race Results – Kellie & Jamie Eliminated

September 24, 2006 08:25 PM by Joe Blackmon

Kellie_jamie_eliminatedTeams start the second leg of the Amazing Race 10 by traveling by bus to Erenhot where they catch a train to Mongolia.  In Mongolia, teams drive by jeep to TerelJ.  In what turns out to be the beginning of numerous vehicle problems by various teams, Tyler and James get a flat tire.  To make matters worse, they find out their jack is broken so they have no way to change it.  After watching a couple teams pass them by, another motorist stops and helps them change the tire. 

Kelly & Jamie’s jeep stalls out on them, but they are able to get it running again.  David and Mary get stuck in the mud, and they have to get a replacement vehicle.  At TerelJ, the teams ride horses to the detour.  Kimberly’s horse goes under a branch, and she gets knocked off. 

For the detour, teams must choose between “take it down” and “fill it up.”  In take it down, teams must take down a Nomadic shelter and pack it on a camel.  In fill it up, teams take a cart to the river to retrieve four containers of water.  Peter & Sarah start with “take it down,” but they give up and switch to “fill it up.”  After switching tasks, Peter & Sarah have trouble controlling their animal, who runs away with their cart. 

On their way to the roadblock, three teams have trouble with their vehicles.  Erwin & Godwin’s jeep breaks down on the road, and Kellie & Jamie and Lyn & Karylyn can’t get their jeeps started.  For the roadblock, one team member must shoot a flaming arrow and hit a target. 

Peter & Sarah are the first team to arrive at the pit stop, and they win a free trip to Mexico.  Tyler & James arrive in second place, Duke & Lauren arrive in third place, Tom & Terry arrive in fourth place, Dustin & Kandice arrive in fifth place, Rob & Kimberly arrive in sixth place, David & Mary arrive in seventh place, Erwin & Godwin arrive in eighth place, and Lyn & Karylyn arrive in ninth place.  Kellie & Jamie are the last team to arrive, and they are eliminated from the race.   

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One Response to “Amazing Race Results – Kellie & Jamie Eliminated”

  1. Allen Says:
    December 13th, 2006 at 9:12 pm

    I was hoping for Kellie/Jamie to win the Amazing Race but I was SO disappointed that you guys were knocked out of the race.


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