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Survivor Cook Islands Results – Cecilia Mansilla Voted Off

September 28, 2006 08:03 PM by Joe Blackmon

Cecilia_mansillaAfter last week’s tribal council, the Aitu tribe discusses Billy saying that he experienced love at first site with Candice.  On the Puka tribe, Cao Boi is rubbing Brad the wrong way.  Jeff Probst calls the four tribes together and tells them that it is time to integrate.  The tribe members draw tokens to determine four captains.  The four captains take turns selecting tribe members, initially dividing into two tribes of women and two tribes of men. 

The two tribes of women merge with the two tribes of men to create two tribes total.  The two new tribes are called Aitu and Raro.  On the new Aitu tribe, Cecilia tells Candice about Billy claiming he had a love at first site experience with her and that they mouthed the words “I love you” to each other.  Candice explains that she said “We love you” as in that their tribe loved him not “I love you.”  Jonathan, Candice, Yul, and Becky decide to form an alliance.  Jonathan also tries to recruit Flica to join the alliance.  Yul reveals to Becky that he found the immunity idol on Exile Island.  On the new Raro tribe, Nate spears an octopus.   

For the immunity challenge, each tribe chases the other tribe through knee deep water.  Each tribe member also has to carry a 15 pound bag, and if a tribe member drops out then another tribe member has to carry their 15 pound bag.  The Raro tribe wins the immunity challenge.  Raro also gets to choose someone from Aitu to go to Exile Island, and they select Candice.   

At tribal council, Yul says that some people are here to strategize and play the game and others came to have a personally fulfilling experience.  Flica tells Jeff Probst that she’s not use to the manipulation aspects of the game.  The third person voted out of Survivor Cook Islands is Cecilia Mansilla.      

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