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Logo Announces Jacob & Joshua: Nemesis Rising

October 05, 2006 11:01 PM by Joe Blackmon

Logo, a division of Viacom Inc.’s MTV Networks, today announced the pickup of original reality series Jacob & Joshua: Nemesis Rising, which follows Curb Records recording artists Jacob and Joshua Miller, identical twin brothers from Montana, who make up the pop/rock group “Nemesis.” 

The series, which is currently in production and set to premiere October 16 @ 10 PM ET/PT, chronicles the twins as they attempt to make it in the cutthroat music industry and, at the same time, come out publicly about their sexual orientation.  Logo is the nation’s leading 24/7 channel and source of entertainment for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender audience.

"Jacob & Joshua: Nemesis Rising proves living a dream and being true to one’s self are not mutually exclusive,” said Brian Graden, President, MTV Networks Music Group Entertainment; and President, Logo.

Complementing the series will be significant digital, wireless and online features, including episode availability on download-to-own services and interviews, diaries and other behind-the-scenes videos at LOGOonline.com.  In addition, the series’ first episode will be made available via streaming video at LOGOonline.com at no cost.  Providing Logo’s audience with broad multi-platform content is part of MTV Networks’ and Logo’s strategy to give viewers access to entertainment wherever and whenever they want it.

Jacob & Joshua: Nemesis Rising follows identical twins who could not be more different. Joshua is a free spirit, a party boy and exceedingly single while Jacob is focused, driven and involved in a long-term relationship.  As singers the duo harmonize perfectly with Jacob leaning more toward pop and Joshua a little more toward rock n’ roll.

After uprooting themselves from their country home in Montana to Los Angeles, the twins find themselves at a critical crossroads professionally and personally.  They need a hit record or they face being dropped from their label. Breaking new ground in the pop music world, the twins will be marketed as openly gay artists necessitating their “coming out” to their family, friends and fans.

Confronting their family is particularly difficult.  Raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses, the decision to come out would mean the church will instruct their parents never speak with the boys again. The tension between the twins is thick: While Jacob is extremely confident about this decision; Joshua vacillates, considering the potential damaging affects on their career and the potential devastating loss of their family. In the end, both are united in their determination to rise up above the rest and make it.

From Logo and STILETTO Television, the series is executive produced by Mark C. Grove, Garry C. Kief, and Troy P. Queen of STILETTO Television.

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4 Responses to “Logo Announces Jacob & Joshua: Nemesis Rising”

  1. Lexi Says:
    October 18th, 2006 at 10:29 pm

    I am so proud of you both for being who u r and not letting the religion we were once in keep you jailed. Your free now….fly to wherever your heart finds happiness. I wish you both the very best and I want you to also know, your long time friend from childhood supports u both. Hugs and care from Montana, from someone who will always love you both.

  2. Mary Says:
    October 19th, 2006 at 11:00 pm

    You both were not born gay, so therefore you can change. Through your music, I hope you go back in your lives to figure out what hurt you as pre-adolescents. What part of your lives where you felt that possibly you were not fully loved. As…. there is where the stump in your gender idenity happened. Seek support. You can change. Hundreds have come out of the gay lifestyle and find that living in natural order is, after all, natural. Good luck. You are both handsome guys.

  3. Riley Says:
    October 20th, 2006 at 11:04 am

    Mary, you are an idiot!

  4. Kyle Says:
    November 6th, 2006 at 5:22 pm

    mary is definitely an idiot. love the show!!!


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