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Diddy & Maria Sharapova Appear On Unwrapping Macy’s

October 21, 2006 12:01 AM by Joe Blackmon

When it comes to bringing celebrities into Macy’s and getting the word out to the press, the publicity team at Herald Square is second to none.  Macy’s publicity team is constantly searching for the next big celebrity tie-in or exciting event to entice both the media and shoppers into the store.

In this episode, a super-motivated team of press-hounds tackles two of the biggest celebrity events of the year: an in-store visit by tennis star Maria Sharapova, and a fragrance launch by Diddy.  Will the press team be able to handle the hoards of paparazzi? Will they be able to get Diddy to walk the red carpet again? The best story in-town lies here.  Unwrapping Macy’s airs on WE network on Saturday, October 21st at 10pm ET/7pm PT/9pm CT.

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