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America’s Next Top Model – The Magnificent Seven Recaps

November 03, 2006 12:15 AM by Joe Blackmon

In Tyra Banks world there are only seven girls left in the running to become America’s Next Top Model.  One by one Christine, Megan, Monique, Brooke and AJ are the weakest links who faced elimination and lost the chance to earn the title of America’s Next Top Model. There are only seven lucky ladies remaining, Anchal, Melrose, Caridee, Michelle, Amanda, Jaeda and Eugena.  Let’s recap the lucky seven.

It started with a nude shoot that separated the wannabees from the young women hungry enough to take off their clothes to produce the winning shot that would get them a spot in the house.  The best and worst clips prove that the weakest links are truly gone.  Let’s see if we can figure out who has a good chance to win.

Melrose has been stepping up her game ever since she found herself in the bottom two early in the competition.  In the freak show shoot she made her old lady face scream sex appeal.  She had no problem walking a tight rope however walking on rocks appeared to be challenging.  Melrose out shined all the girls when it came to interviewing Janice Dickinson on the red carpet.  Most of the girls think she talks too much and tries to be the boss of the house.  Melrose has been caught talking about some of the girls, especially Anchal.  Is Melrose threatened by Anchal?  Is it Melrose’s plan to break Anchal’s spirit?  If it is, it’s working. Whether Melrose is walking on a rocky water runway or pretending to be a scary demon, she is a top contender. 

Anchal cannot take a bad photo, however, if she does not ask the wizard for some confidence, she could be sent home sooner rather than later.  Her Fabio shoot was sensual, she managed to take a good giant woman photo (even though she did not look like a giant) and she does look fabulous on the runway, but her confidence level could be her downfall.

Caridee wants this badly.  She almost sabotages herself at the photo shoots by trying too hard to be good.  You cannot deny a girl who can make an elephant’s nose look so good.

The twins, Michelle and Amada are still in this competition not because they can walk; it’s because they take damn good photos.  Each girl is slowly crawling out of their shell and earning their stay.  I don’t know how the judges will eliminate one without the other.  Wouldn’t it be great to have the first twin model winners!

If Jaeda talks about how much she does not like her short hair cut one more time, she is going home.  The haircut makes her so powerful.  If only she trusted the years of experience of Tyra’s staff, she would know that the makeovers allow the girls to play up their strongest assets.  The trick is that all the girls must find out what asset is their strongest.  Her freak show shoot was horrible.  How hard is it to lift weights over your head and pretend to be the strong woman?  Being eliminated almost three times has not scared her into stepping up her game.  If she is eliminated, she will probably blame it on her hair.

Eugena may be the weakest link in the bunch. Each week she manages to take unforgettable crappy photos.   She better find out quickly how to translate emotion into her eyes.  Her body language is off and her lack of confidence in her potential will get her voted off the show.

All of the girls lack confidence.  It seems as though they are still at the stage in their lives in which friendship and how others feel about them is more important than anything else in life.  The girls need to focus quickly and realize that this is a competition and they can always be friends after the competition is over.

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Written by Belinda Trotter-James – Which is your favorite contestant?  Email me with your questions for the contestants at modeldigest@aol.com.  I will ask the girls your questions in my exclusive elimination interviews.

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