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Reality TV Magazine’s Top Ten Reality TV Shows Of 2006

December 28, 2006 01:01 AM by Joe Reality

Top_reality_showsIn 2006, reality TV shows continued to flourish.  This year in addition to our Top Ten Reality TV Shows list we decided to create a separate list for brand new reality TV shows.  Why did we decide to create the new list?  Well, because we found returning reality TV shows dominating our top ten list so we wanted to have another way to recognize some of the standout new shows.  There were a lot of new reality TV shows in 2006, and we have picked what we think were the most interesting and entertaining five. 

American Idol and Dancing with the Stars proved to be the top two regularly scheduled TV programs of the year and rightfully so.  American Idol 5 offered up more mean comments from Simon Cowell, more bizarre behavior from Paula Abdul, more controversial contestants, more surprise eliminations, and another incredible final two showdown.  American Idol 5 was our pick for the top reality TV show of 2006.

Following close behind American Idol was another show that was no stranger to controversy.  Who would ever have thought that there would be a top-rated dancing show where Jerry Springer becomes a sentimental favorite and a former Dallas Cowboys running back wins?  Dancing with the Stars was our pick for the #2 reality TV show of 2006.

Big Brother All Stars had some great moments and some not so great moments.  However, watching Dr. Will and Boogie manipulate the other houseguests and then cackle over it in the diary room was the most entertaining TV viewing of the Summer.  Big Brother All Stars landed at #3 on our list.

After some rather boring seasons of Survivor and the train wreck that was Amazing Race Family Edition, it was great to see these two reality TV mainstays regain some of their magic.  Survivor offered up some new interesting twists with a hidden immunity idol and an ethnic division of the tribes.  Amazing Race introduced a “marked for elimination” twist and featured two of the most entertaining winners ever in BJ & Tyler.  Survivor and Amazing Race took the fourth and fifth positions on our list respectively. 

Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance, Rock Star, and Hell’s Kitchen all proved that they were not one hit wonders and wound up on our list in the #6 to #9 spots.  Project Runway offered up two seasons of interesting and diverse competitors, while So You Think You Can Dance, Rock Star, and Hell’s Kitchen provided welcome relief from Summer reruns.  Extreme Makeover: Home Edition continues to be a well-made show that makes a difference, so we didn’t think it would be right for it not to be in the top ten as well.

As far as new reality TV shows, HGTV Design Star and Top Chef proved to two of the best new competitive reality TV shows.  While Flavor Of Love 1 &2, America’s Got Talent, and Who Wants To Be A Superhero proved to be some of the funniest new reality TV shows. 

Top Ten Reality TV Shows of 2006
1. American Idol 5
2. Dancing With The Stars 2 & 3
3. Big Brother 7 All Stars
4. Survivor 12 & 13
5. The Amazing Race 9 & 10
6. Project Runway 2 & 3
7. So You Think You Can Dance 2
8. Rock Star Supernova
9. Hell’s Kitchen 2
10. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Top Five New Reality TV Shows of 2006
1. HGTV Design Star
2. Flavor Of Love 1 & 2
3. America’s Got Talent
4. Who Wants To Be A Superhero
5. Top Chef

Do you agree or disagree with our top ten reality TV shows list?  What other shows would you have included?  What shows would you have left off on our list?  Please post your personal top ten list in the comment section below.

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2 Responses to “Reality TV Magazine’s Top Ten Reality TV Shows Of 2006”

  1. Jan4 Says:
    December 29th, 2006 at 1:43 pm

    For me, “Celebrity Duets” and Fox Reality Channel’s “Solitary” far outshone any of the shows on your “Top Five New Reality TV Shows of 2006″ list as far as quality.

  2. Blake Says:
    December 30th, 2006 at 8:10 am

    Many men enjoy the more physical aspect of a competition like Survivor and Amazing Race. Women like shows like Dancing with The Stars and other shows that deal with romance. This can be seen in the reality TV poll.

    See for yourself: http://todayspolls.googlepages.com/home


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