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Beauty & The Geek 3 Results – Tori & Sanjay Eliminated

January 03, 2007 10:41 PM by Joe Reality

Tori_sanjayOn the premiere episode of the Beauty & The Geek 3, eight geeks arrived on scooters, while eight beauties arrived in limousines.  The eight beauties and eight geeks paired off into teams of two.  The geeks delivered several geek-worthy lines, the best coming from Drew who said “If it came down to a woman or Star Trek, I would definitely have to choose Star Trek.”

For the first challenge, the beauties had to locate three books in a library using the Dewey Decimal system.  The books contained three tasks that the geeks had to complete.  The geeks had to convince someone to put suntan lotion on their back, had to get a phone number from a girl, and had to get someone to lend them a cell phone to make a call.  Nate & Cecille won the challenge, which insured that they would not be the first team eliminated.

In a twist, host Mike Richards offered the teams money if one team wanted to quit the game.  Mike gave each team a baton to hold and offered increasing amounts of money to leave the game.  At $20,000, Andrea & Matt asked for a minute to think about it, but eventually decided to stay in the game. 

In the second challenge, the beauties had to learn how to hold an intelligent conversation on current events, and the geeks had to do their own stand-up comedy routine.  Nate won the stand-up comedy challenge, and Sheree won the intelligent conversation challenge.  As the winners, Nate and Sheree & their respective partners got to select one couple each to face elimination.

Tori & Sanjay and Erin & Drew were chosen to face elimination, and each team participated in an elimination quiz.  Tori & Sanjay lost the elimination quiz and were eliminated from the competition.          

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