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A&E Announces One New Reality Series In Production & Two Pilots

January 10, 2007 11:24 PM by Joe Reality

A&E Network recently announced a new series in production, two new real-life pilots in development as well as new seasons of hit series The First 48, King of Cars, Intervention, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Gene Simmons Family Jewels and Criss Angel Mindfreak. In making the announcement, Bob DeBitetto, Executive Vice President and General Manager, A&E Network said, “After wrapping up a year of double digit increases in our key demographics led by our successful Real-Life franchises, we will continue to build on those successes in 2007 with powerful new and returning series that continue to connect with our target audience.”

PATTI NOVAK: AMERICA’S TOUGHEST MATCHMAKER (Working Title) is a new series in production. The search for true love is a national obsession, yet "feel good" dating solutions have left singles in the cold. Enter Patti Novak – a matchmaker on a mission. She’s raw, she’s real, she’s brutally honest, and she’s very successful. Patti has been helping the lonely hearts of Buffalo, New York — home to the most singles per capita in the nation — with the perfect balance of heart and tough love. Each week, we will meet two singles desperate for Patti’s help. We follow them from the initial interview, through the date, and finally, to the often painfully honest follow-up where Patti assesses their performance and reveals whether or not a match has been made. Prepare to cringe, laugh, and maybe even learn a few dating tips along the way. Production begins in January in Buffalo. The thirteen episode half-hour series is scheduled to premiere second quarter 2007.

Colleen Conway is the A&E Executive Producer. PATTI NOVAK: AMERICA’S TOUGHEST MATCHMAKER (working title) will be produced for A&E Network by Sharp Entertainment. Matt Sharp is the Executive Producer along with Smash Advertising.

HOLLYWOOD DMV is one of the new pilots in development. From the producers of Dr. Katz comes A&E’s first ever animated pilot, HOLLYWOOD DMV. Like Dr. Katz, HOLLYWOOD DMV combines a workplace comic narrative with standup comedy. In this case, the simple narratives come from the characters working at the DMV as they work out their petty office dramas and their bizarre personality defects; the standup comedy comes from characters standing in line waiting to be helped played by actual standup comedians who complain about everything in the DMV and their lives (i.e. do their standup act). And since it is the Hollywood DMV, we can even see celebrities as they get around to doing what everyone eventually has to do – renew their driver’s license or re-register their car. The Hollywood DMV is the great equalizer, even to the famous and semi-famous citizens of Hollywood.

Robert Sharenow is Executive Producer and Colleen Conway is Supervising Producer for A&E. HOLLYWOOD DMV is produced for A&E Network by Popular Arts Entertainment. Tim Braine and Kevin Meagher are the executive producers.

ALIEN ENCOUNTERS is the other new pilot in development. ALIEN ENCOUNTERS is the Real “X-Files.” It is the first show to tackle the controversial field of unexplained phenomena by investigating paranormal activity with its own objective and highly credible task force. Rather than piecing together sound bites from self-appointed experts of the “true believer” or diehard “skeptic” ranks, AE team members will spread out and hit the field with attitude and unprecedented access to modern diagnostic resources, interviewing eyewitnesses, gathering physical evidence, and meeting with leading scientist  and experts. ALIEN ENCOUNTERS will determine once and for all if in fact we are not alone and what other truths are really out there.

Robert Sharenow is the A&E Executive Producer. ALIEN ENCOUNTERS is produced for A&E Network by Original Productions. Thom Beers is the Executive Producer and Phillip Segal is co-executive producer.

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