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American Idol 6 Will Be Bigger Than Ever

January 16, 2007 12:03 AM by Joe Reality

Americanidol6_judgeshostTonight at 8PM Eastern Time, the Fox network will drop their equivalent
of a nuclear bomb on all the other networks.  American Idol is an
irresistible force and no other network has yet even come close to
developing an immovable object to counterattack it.  The Grammy Awards,
Lost, the Olympics all proved to be not even bumps in the road to the
American Idol machine.

Other networks are left with the choice of either scheduling their biggest shows and specials to avoid the American Idol perfect storm or watching them get clobbered in the ratings.  Without even an Olympics to encourage some occasional channel flipping, with Lost hiding out at 10 o’clock, and with Dancing with the Stars sidestepping Idol, American Idol 6 is facing what appears to be its weakest competition ever. 

On top of it all, American Idol is not even falling into the trap of resting on its laurels.  The only vulnerability American Idol showed last season was a ratings dip in the middle of its season, and the biggest criticism was the god awful original songs that the two finalists had to sing.  American Idol 6 is taking measures to overcome these two weaknesses by creating a mid-season event show and a song writing contest.

There might come a day and a time when American Idol does actually suffer a dip in the ratings.  Maybe one day one of the other networks will succeed in creating a groundbreaking original show that captures America’s fancy in a stronger way than American Idol.  However, with most networks taking a run and hide strategy that day likely won’t come during American Idol 6.    

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