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American Idol Memphis Auditions To Bring More Talent

January 23, 2007 12:01 AM by Joe Reality

During the American Idol Minneapolis auditions and the American Idol
Seattle auditions
, it seemed as if the bad and unusual auditions were
getting more airplay than the talented auditions.  However, early
indications are that might change with the American Idol Memphis
auditions.  Sure, we can probably count on at least one or two bad
Elvis impersonations and some other oddballs, but according to Ryan
Seacrest and Paula Abdul, Memphis also brought talent to the

In an interview aired by Fox 17 in Nashville, Tennessee, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and America Idol judge Paula Abdul offered high praise for the contestants that showed up in Memphis.  Ryan Seacrest told Fox 17, “So far we’ve seen a lot of golden tickets.”  Seacrest also added, “The majority of them have made it through.  I’ve seen tears.  I’ve seen a grandmother that wanted to punch Simon, of course I encouraged it, and then he walked out, he smiled, and she hugged him instead of slugging him, so she let me down.”

Paula Abdul appeared to be in agreement with Ryan Seacrest.  Paula Abdul told Fox 17, “I’m having fun here.  I think that this city is bringing some talent right at the beginning, right out of the gates the first girl was fantastic.  I’ve never seen as many delusional, bizarre auditions as season six, and I think that’s going to make for great television and everyone’s going to have a blast, but I’m getting a little excited because towards the end here we’re finding some gems.”   

The American Idol Memphis auditions will air on Fox on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 from 8PM to 9PM ET/PT. 

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