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American Idol Spoiler – More Semi-Finalists Revealed By Domain Names

January 25, 2007 03:46 AM by Joe Reality

Earlier this week, Reality TV Magazine broke the news on how domain
name registrations appear to be giving clues as to which American Idol
contestants will advance
to the top forty or so semi-finalists.
Several contestants had their names privately registered as domain
names on November 18, 2006, which is rumored to be right around the
time the Hollywood contestants were narrowed down to the top forty or
so semi-finalists.   

Now with additional contestant names having been revealed in the Memphis and New York auditions, Reality TV Magazine has an updated list of which of the twenty-nine contestants revealed on American Idol so far will likely be moving on in the competition.  If you don’t want to read an American Idol spoiler that reveals nine of the likely semi-finalists and six contestants who likely will not be advancing in Hollywood, then you should stop reading now.

Of the twenty-nine contestants named so far, Anna Kearns, Sanjaya Malakar, Shyamali Malakar, Jason Sundance Head, Amanda Coluccio, Antonella Barba, Jenry Bejarano, Porcelana Patino, and Rachel Zevita all had their names registered as domain names on November 18, 2006.  All the domains show that they have been registered by Domains by Proxy, which is basically a service which hides the identity of who actually registered the domain names.  One could speculate that American Idol producers privately registered the names of the contestants that were advancing to the top forty. 

Matt Sato, Michelle Steingas, Perla Meneses, Philip Stacy, Danielle McCulloch, and Kia Thornton did not have their names registered as domain names until sometime in mid to late January of 2007.  Because no one took the time to register their names until after their names aired on national TV as Hollywood contestants on one of the American Idol audition shows, it could be theorized that they did not advance in the Hollywood rounds.

Jordin Sparks, Rudy Cardenas, Blake Lewis, Thomas Daniels, Sarah Krueger, Rachel Jenkins, Jarrod Fowler, Denise Jackson, Sean Michel, Melinda Doolittle, Sarah Burgess, Jory Steinberg, Chris Richardson, and Nicholas Pedro all had their names registered as domain names sometime before the American Idol 6 Hollywood eliminations would have occurred.  They wisely either registered their own names in the past or someone who likely shared their name registered there names.  Therefore, there is nothing to suggest one way or the other whether they advanced in Hollywood or not. 

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