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Nashville Star Results – Kacey Musgraves Eliminated

January 25, 2007 11:28 PM by Joe Reality

Kacey_musgravesLittle Big Town made a guest appearance on Nashville Star 5 and opened
the show with a performance of “Good As Gone.”  Out of the seven remaining finalists, the first singer
announced as moving forward in the competition was Meg Allison.  Meg
sang “Take Me Down.”  Randy Owen said “Meg, it’s great to see you
smile.”  Anastasia Brown said “Meg, your arrangements and your vocals
are spot on.  I think you do the best arrangements of the entire crew,
but your performance was just about as alive as overcooked pasta and
that’s not going to work.”  Blake Shelton said “Is it possible for you
to make me feel like a proud father and turn me on at the same time?
Is that weird?”

The second singer announced as moving forward in the competition was David St. Romain.  David sang “Life Is A Highway.”  Blake Shelton said “Women really love you, I can tell that, which makes me jealous, but don’t forget to sing to them as much as you can.”  Anastasia Brown said “I want you take the glue off of your shoes, because you didn’t move a minute, and you could have.”  Randy Owen said “That performance reminded of a basketball game in double overtime.  It started out with you twenty points behind, and when you finished you won the ball game.”

The third singer announced as moving forward in the competition was Joshua Stevens.  Joshua sang “I Still Believe In You.”  Anastasia Brown said “Visually you nailed it, I think that song choice showed some vocal limitations.”  Blake Shelton said “You just bought yourself a pile of votes about that high, I think.”  Randy Owen said “Joshua, what an awesome selection, the great Vince Gill, I think would be very proud of you.” 

The fourth singer announced as moving forward in the competition was Zac Hacker.  Zac sang “Memphis Women & Fried Chicken.”  Randy Owen said “I have to admire the fact that you have stayed true to your Southern roots.”  Blake Shelton said “This is the first time I’ve looked up there and thought man, he looks like a star.”  Anastasia Brown said “I love Zac…I’m still not sure if you deserve a record deal right now.”      

The fifth singer announced as moving forward in the competition was Angela Hacker.  Angela sang “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”  Anastasia Brown said “Your talent is so unique, you have just redefined star quality.”  Randy Owen said “You’ve made me feel what you’re singing.”  Blake Shelton said “I don’t know if you’re going to win this thing or not, you could, but I can promise you one thing, when you make your first album, and you will, I’m going to be one of the first people in line to buy that thing.”

The sixth singer announced as moving forward in the competition was Whitney Duncan.  Whitney sang “The First Cut Is The Deepest.”  Blake Shelton said “This thing is going to come down to between you and Angela, and I’m proposing a wrestling match in a kiddie pool full of mud.”  Randy Owen said “You have to understand that this audience are your very best friends, and I never saw you making eye contact with people out here.  These people love you out here.”  Anastasia Brown alluded to rumors that it had been a hard week for Whitney and said “You did ok, I’ve heard you do better.”  Jewel revealed that the stress was that Whitney had wanted to sing “When A Man Loves A Woman,” but it didn’t clear.

Kacey Musgraves was eliminated from the competition.  When Jewel asked Kacey what was going through her head, Kacey joked “This has to be all Blake’s fault right.”  Blake Shelton laughed and advised Kacey to go back to Texas and sell out the Honky Tonks and then come back to Nashville and take over this town.   

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