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Two-A-Days Returns To MTV

January 30, 2007 12:01 AM by Joe Reality

Football season begins again on MTV with the return of the documentary
series “Two-A-Days” on Tuesday, January 30th at 10:30pm ET/PT. “Two-A-Days” will once again profile the Hoover High School Buccaneers
of Hoover, Alabama and will introduce the audience to a brand new batch
of players. In a town where football is everything, the kids live their
lives under a microscope. On this season of "Two-A-Days," viewers watch
as the Bucs pursue their fifth state championship title in six years
while facing the pressures of demanding coaches and practices twice
every day while trying to earn football scholarships to some of the
country’s most respectable colleges.

“Two-A-Days” was seen by nearly 64 million viewers in its first season. Total “Two-A-Days” content on mtv.com generated over 8 million streams during the first season, of which nearly 3 million were of After Show content.  In addition, the finale online episode accounted for almost 3 million streams.  Also, “Two-A-Days” full episodes garnered nearly 2 million streams during the season and the show averaged 143K unique visitors per week for the season.

MTV.com, VOD, and MTV Mobile will continue to enhance the "Two-A-Days" experience, giving viewers unprecedented access to never-before-seen footage, trailers, cast profiles, photos, and more.  For complete information, visit twoadays.mtv.com.

Meet the cast:
Brandon, #18, Wide Receiver – Having just moved to Hoover with his military family, Brandon is the new kid on the Buc block. A senior with raw talent, Brandon is being recruited by major Division One colleges – but since he’s new to the team, he’s struggling to learn the Hoover system and connect with Ross, the starting quarterback.  Brandon is also an excellent student, but balancing academics, sports and romance is a problem – for now, he says, football is his girlfriend.

Mark, #52, Defensive End – As a senior, Mark is a vocal leader on the team on Friday nights, encouraging them to play better and harder; but the rest of the week, he struggles with trying to balance football with school and his girlfriend of three years, Brittany.    A serious couple, Mark and Brittany are planning to attend whatever school offers Mark a football scholarship – so both their futures are riding on the outcome of his football season.

Charlie, #6, Wide Receiver – Ross’ go-to playmaker, Charlie is the senior that never takes anything too seriously, an endearing quality when he’s hanging out with his buddies or his lively girlfriend Kristen, but a characteristic that gets him into trouble on the field with his coaches, and off the field in the classroom and at home.

Ross, #14, Quarterback – Now a senior, Ross is feeling the pressure this year. Pre-season, Hoover was ranked #1 among high school teams, garnering them an appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Now Ross needs to keep the team on top and at the same time, live up to the legacy left behind at Hoover by his brother, a former Hoover quarterback, who is now QB at Alabama. The weight of the world seems to be on Ross’ shoulders as he struggles to stay focused on football even though he’s contemplating playing baseball in college.   

Cortez, #8, Wide Receiver – A junior who thought he would be a starting receiver, Cortez went into a tailspin after losing his starting spot to talented newcomer Brandon. But Cortez’s frustrations on the gridiron are nothing compared to his every day burden on the football field: practicing every day on the same field where his older brother died seven years earlier. While Cortez has the pressure of football on his shoulders, he has the constant memory of his brother in his heart.

DeJohn, #45, Defensive Line – As a senior leader on the team, DeJohn is crude, rude and very aggressive on the field – but off the field, he’s a sweet boyfriend to Jamie and very close to his dad and brother, who attend every game and each practice.  DeJohn would like to win one more championship ring as well as a scholarship to help out his dad.

Brittany, Senior, Cheerleading Captain – A senior who’s been dating Mark for three years, Brittany is one of the most popular and pretty girls at Hoover. Although she plans to follow Mark to college, she’s in limbo until he gets and accepts a scholarship offer.  A day does not go by without Brittany pondering their future as a couple.

Eliott, Junior Cheerleader – Eliott and Ross are still dating but she’s a junior and he’s a senior.  It is inevitable that Ross will leave her behind at Hoover when he heads off to college next year.  They have been together for over 4 years and Eliott is convinced that they will stay together.  Not everyone in her life agrees and they are trying to prepare her for that possibility.

Kristen, Senior – Kristen is as strong-minded as boyfriend Charlie which makes for some pretty funny arguments between the two.  Although he tries to play it down, Charlie is clearly crazy about her.

Jamie, Senior – Jamie is cute, witty, and always down for a good time.   Jamie and Kristen are best friends and are not cheerleaders, which sometimes causes a little friction.  Jamie and DeJohn have been dating on and off for a year – but he’s made it clear that after graduation they may go their separate ways.  Will she stick around until then?

Coach Rush Propst, A southern football coach who is the ultimate source of pressure as well as support for the team. Since becoming the head football coach at Hoover, Coach Propst has lead the team to many victories and has had over 40 players sign scholarships in and outside the state of Alabama.

Dave Sirulnick and Amy Bailey serve as Executive Producers for “Two-A-Days.” Jason Sciavicco and Jesse James Dupree of Humidity Entertainment are Executive Producers.

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