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Survivor Guatemala To Air On Versus

January 31, 2007 12:02 AM by Joe Reality

VERSUS, the exclusive home of Survivor in syndication, takes viewers
back to day one of the 39-day adventure in Guatemala, the stage set for
the eleventh season of the reality series.  Facing a multitude of
extreme factors, including elaborate challenges, harsh and
ever-changing living conditions, wildlife predators and their own
conniving tribe mates, 18 men and women battle it out for the $1
million prize and their chance to be crowned the sole Survivor. 

The following is the programming schedule for Survivor: Guatemala on VERSUS (subject to change):

January 31 – 8 p.m. ET – Episode 1: Big Trek, Big Trouble, Big Surprise      
The new castaways are stranded in the unforgiving jungles of Guatemala, left to live inside the Mayan ruins in the eleventh installment of Survivor.  Upon the Survivors arrival to the ancient ruins, host Jeff Probst shocks the players by announcing that Bobby Jon Drinkard and Stephenie LaGrossa from Survivor: Palau were returning to the game for a second chance at the $1 million prize.  Jeff then immediately sets the new teams loose to complete an 11-mile trek through the jungle, with the better campsite and flint at stake.         

9 p.m. ET – Episode 2: Man Down      
After the emotional Tribal Council in which they voted out Jim Lynch, the battered Nakum tribe struggles back to camp.  Things soon look up for Nakum, however as they narrowly beat Yaxha in the reward challenge for fishing gear.  Despite the win, tension exists at the Nakum camp when Judd questions Blake’s tendency to lounge around all day.  Meanwhile members of the Yaxha tribe are reduced to eating ants, grasshoppers and tiny minnows.  Later at the brutal version of tug-of-war immunity challenge Danni recognizes Gary as an ex-NFL, Dallas Cowboys quarterback. 

10 p.m. ET – Episode 3: The Brave May Not Live Long, but the Cautious Don’t Live at All      
Rejuvenated and spared by her Yaxha tribe mates at Tribal Council, Lydia vows to keep working hard.  Later, tensions arise at Nakum when Bobby Jon and Judd begin to get annoyed at Margaret’s assumed leadership position. Later the 114 degree heat takes its toll on everyone at the Immunity Challengeâ⬔an ancient Mayan game of court ball.  Yaxha’s losing streak continues as they head to yet another Tribal Council.    

February 7 
8 p.m. ET – Episode 4: To Betray or Not to Betray    
In a twisted "reward" challenge individual players receive rewards and later Jeff mixes up the tribes. Thus, switching up alliances and making certain Survivors more vulnerable than before.  Gary faces tough questions regarding his status as an ex-NFL player, but continues to hide his identity.  Although most Survivors are drawn on former tribal lines, Judd fits in better with Stephenie and Jamie, and quietly makes a pact with them to turn on his old tribe mates. When Nakum loses the Immunity Challenge Judd is forced to either act on his new alliance or stay loyal to his original tribe mates.         

9 p.m. ET – Episode 5: Crocs, Cowboys and City Slickers      
At Nakum camp, Judd shows little regret about switching alliances to Margaret’s chagrin. The prize at the reward challenge is particularly valuable as it will allow the winners to actually swim and escape the brutal heat in a croc-proof deck. Later the Yaxha tribe begins to grow weary of Blake’s fantastical stories and arrogant attitude.  A fifth Survivor is sent home.

10 p.m. ET – Episode 6: Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble               
At the challenge, Jeff announces that two contestants will be going home, and that the reward challenge will determine which tribe receives a full meal of hamburgers, root beer and beer and a chance to compete for individual immunity. During the challenge there is an intense argument between Bobby Jon and Jamie and later at an explosive Tribal Council the rivalry between Judd and Margaret comes to a head and two Survivors are voted out of the game.   

February 14            
7 p.m. ET – Episode 7: Surprise Enemy Visit   
The physical nature of the game takes its toll on Yaxha when they cope with bangs and bruises from the reward challenge. In this episode, the teams play for a sweet reward, chocolate and a zip line tour through the jungle. Later for Danni’s birthday, Yaxha invites Nakum over to their camp for a pool party, but Jamie gets rather paranoid about his tribe mates making friends with the others. Heading into Tribal Council loyalties and alliances are tested as the question of who is more deserving weighs heavily on the losing tribe.  After the eighth Survivor is sent home, the Survivors are shocked when Jeff gives them new tribe buffs for the first ever night-time merge.

8 p.m. ET – Episode 8: The Hidden Immunity Doll       
Tensions flare in the Mayan temples when Yaxha and Nakum merge.  The balance of power is immediately clear when the abrasive Jamie announces that the former members Yaxha can sleep outside. The following morning, the former Yaxha tribe members immediately get to work while the powerful former Nakum members sit back and relax. Rafe is left questioning the actions of his former Nakum tribe.  Later, the players are shocked to discover that somewhere in the jungle is a hidden immunity doll that could secure one of the players safety until the final four. At the Immunity Challenge, Jamie gets into it again with Bobby Jon, making it abrasively clear that the former Nakum tribe will vote of the Yaxha members one by one.          

9 p.m. ET – Episode 9: Secrets and Lies and an Idol Surprise            
At the reward challenge, everyone learns that they will be eating a meal, but the challenge will decide who eats what.  Heading into the immunity challenge Jamie continues to display his erratic and paranoid behavior.  Before the Tribal Council, Bobby Jon warns Judd and Rafe not to trust Stephanie.  Later, on night 24, in an unprecedented "Hail Mary" move, Gary, the ex-professional football player, shocks his tribe mates by pulling out the hidden immunity idol the moment before the vote.   

February 21            
8 p.m. ET – Episode 10: Eating and Sleeping with the Enemy   
Jamie’s paranoia about his alliance’s loyalty reaches an all-time high, annoying many of his allies. In the team reward challenge, Gary, Judd, Stephenie and Danni win an overnight stay in a mansion. While there, Gary and Danni try to persuade the other two to switch sides and vote to keep the strongest in the game. 

9 p.m. ET – Episode 11: Everything is Personal            
Growing frustration between tribe mates begin to form – Judd feels out of the loop since the rest of the tribe voted for Jamie without his knowledge. Gary, knowing he is targeted, tries to bring Lydia and Rafe over to his alliance with Danni.  Later Stephanie marvels at her position of power in the game.      

10 p.m. ET – Episode 12: Price for Immunity      
Everyone is in a constant scramble to save themselves and form new alliances.  Judd is confident in his alliance, but his last minute scheming gets him into trouble.  At the reward challenge, Danni wins an advantage at the next immunity challenge which leaves her with unexpected power in the game.  At the end of the auction, the players are shown one last item to bid on – their loved ones.      &nb

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One Response to “Survivor Guatemala To Air On Versus”

  1. chucky Says:
    February 1st, 2007 at 12:14 pm

    I love this one and am so glad that VS is showing the episodes the way they are — back to back to back. makes for convenient television.

    plus, this is a great season for Survivor.


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