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American Idol Best Of The Rest Offers Up Lots More Of The Worst

February 07, 2007 11:08 PM by Joe Reality

American Idol’s “The Best of the Rest” episode featured not only the
best of the best but also more of the worst.  We had hoped the episode
might focus exclusively on contestants that made it through to
Hollywood, who hadn’t been featured on previous audition episodes, but
such was not the case.

The best of the rest had lots of bad signing, awful dancing, and witty one-liners from Simon Cowell.  For example, Krista Fazzino came to the auditions decked out in some strange red and black outfit and told the judges that she based her clothes on how she was feeling that day.  Simon Cowell snapped, “Today you felt like the inside of a dust bin.”   

Edward Sanchez said he came to the auditions to see Paula Abdul.  Edward got a hug and a kiss from Paula Abdul, but he didn’t get a golden ticket.  After his audition, Simon Cowell said “Not just blind, but deaf as well.”   

Faithon Gooding, Melissa Ferlaak, Brandon Reid, and William E. Samland III offered up bad original songs.  Alexander Nazario danced and sang, and Randy Jackson said he would work good in a theme park and Simon Cowell called his audition a nightmare. 

Despite numerous bad auditions, “The Best of the Rest” did feature some new Hollywood worthy auditions.  Pedicab driver Tami Gosnell sang “Whipping Post.”  The judges really liked Tami because she was different and had a terrific voice, and she made it to Hollywood by a unanimous decision of the judges. 

Pool technician Paul Kim said he was motivated by William Hung, because it bothered him that was who people thought of when they thought of Asian singers.  Paul sang “If I Ever Fall In Love.”  Randy Jackson said it was one of the best male voices that he had heard so far, and the judges put him through to Hollywood.   

Gina Glocksen, who made it to Hollywood last season, told Simon Cowell that she was still in love with him.  Gina sang “Black Velvet.”  All three judges agreed to give Gina another trip to Hollywood. 

Three Frisco’s car hops attended the auditions as a group.  Heather Rennie sang “God Bless The Broken Road,” Ashley Cleland sang “Angel,” and Ebony Jointer sang “I Believe In You And Me.”  Simon Cowell said Ebony Jointer was in a different league than the other two.  However, the judges ultimately sent both Ashley and Ebony through to Hollywood.

Lakisha Jones sang “Think” by Aretha Franklin.  Simon Cowell said he loved Lakisha, and Lakisha made it through to Hollywood.  After the audition, Lakisha celebrated with her family and cried tears of happiness with her daughter. 

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One Response to “American Idol Best Of The Rest Offers Up Lots More Of The Worst”

  1. aileen Says:
    February 21st, 2007 at 12:28 am

    What happened to Ebony? Did she get removed off American Idol? I believe she is one of the best singers. She sounded like a cross reference of Beyonce Knowles and Whitney Houston to me. I hoped to hear more of her….


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