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Beauty & The Geek Results – Niels & Jennylee Eliminated

February 07, 2007 11:25 PM by Joe Reality

Niels_jennylee_eliminatedFor the sixth episode of Beauty & The Geek, the three remaining
teams traveled to the country to experience life on a farm.  For their
challenge, the teams had to carry 5 bales of hay down a hill, milk a
cow in order to fill a milk bottle, and get 6 sheep tags and put on
them on a wire.  Scooter & Megan were the first to complete all the
tasks and won the challenge. 

As the winners, Scooter & Megan automatically qualified for the finals.  Because there were only two other teams left, Nate & Cecille and Niels & Jennylee had to square off in the elimination quiz.  Nate & Jennylee shared some romantic moments together, knowing that one of them would be going home. 

Before facing the elimination room, the remaining teams watched a recap of their experiences on the show so far.  Nate & Cecille won the elimination quiz, and Niels & Jennylee were eliminated from the competition.  After the quiz, Cecille said “You can take the blonde to the ranch, but you can’t take the bikini off the blonde, and that was our major focus going in here tonight, and we loved it.  We worked hard.  We studied hard.”  Jennlylee said she felt sick and called Cecille’s comments inappropriate.   

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