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Idol Producers Won’t Let American Idol Finalists Blog

February 12, 2007 08:49 PM by Joe Reality

Virtually everybody nowadays has a blog.  From Donald Trump to the
banker on Deal or No Deal to the Nashville Star finalists, blogs have
become an integral part of promoting television shows.  However, there
is one group of reality star contestants that won’t be blogging.  While
many of the Hollywood bound American Idol contestants have blogs on
their MySpace pages or websites, it seems that will be coming to an end
if they progress in the competition. 

According to American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe, “Once they’re in the top 24 and the top 12, they will not be allowed to blog.  We’ll put a screen up to explain that they are involved in the show, and they can no longer blog until later.” 

Why do American Idol producers not want their American Idol finalist blogging?  Lythgoe explained, “We don’t want anything slipping out.  If we’ve got major stars coming on that we want to do a big publicity thing with.  “Hey, Michael Jackson is coming to American Idol this week,” then I’ve got to leave that up to Fox publicity to put out there, not have it slip out with somebody telling their Mom that Michael Jackson is coming.” 

This of course makes total sense, because nothing ever slips out about American Idol through any other sources.  The show does a great job of keeping secrets and shunning any free publicity that leaks to the media might bring. 

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