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Beauty & The Geek Winners Are Megan & Scooter

February 14, 2007 09:23 PM by Joe Reality

Megan_scooterAfter last week’s elimination, Nate was upset over the comments that his teammate Cecille made to his love interest Jennylee.  Before the final elimination challenge, the two remaining teams were allowed to spend the day together with their partners.  Megan played tennis with Scooter, while Cecille taught Nate some new dance moves.

After tennis, Scooter took Megan on a nature hike and picnic, while Nate took Cecille to hear his Star Wars band perform.  Instead of an elimination quiz or challenge, the previously eliminated contestants were brought back to judge the last two teams.

Scooter & Megan and Nate & Cecille were given twenty-four hours to show their former housemates how much they had transformed and grown during the process.  Nate faced several questions about his relationship with Jennylee.  While several former contestants felt that Nate had gone through a remarkable transformation, they didn’t think that Cecille had changed at all.

At the elimination, the previously eliminated contestants voted as individuals for the team that they felt deserved to win.  After receiving seven votes, Megan and Scooter were declared the winners of Beauty & Geek 3.  For their prize, Megan and Scooter received $250,000.   

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  1. Alex Wolfe Says:
    September 21st, 2007 at 5:32 am

    hey its been 4 years since ive kissed a girl….and ive seen the show and ive felt at home…..plz plz….comment me back….what do i have to do for an auditon………..


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