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America’s Cutest Puppies & Adventures In Doggie Daycare Announced By WE TV

February 19, 2007 12:05 AM by Joe Reality

Bring on the dogs! We all know that America is a dog-lovers’ country.
Our four-legged friends are everywhere and yes, they are doggone
cute,but just how cute? Many Americans work and opt for pooch daycare
while away, but what really goes on when they say goodbye? WE tv is
about to take on the most controversial challenge in television history
and take you on the wildest escapades of pup daycare when it premieres
back-to-back all-new programs, “America’s Cutest Puppies” and
“Adventures in Doggie Daycare” at 9pm  and 9:30pm ET & PT/8 &
8:30 C on Saturday, April 7th! “America’s Cutest Puppies” consists of
ten, 30-minute episodes, ending with a special one-hour finale.
“Adventures in Doggie Daycare” consists of eight, 30-minute episodes.

WE tv is about to scale the heights of doggiedom with the first-ever of its kind and most controversial challenge in television history – the search for America’s Cutest Puppy! Puppies are like children – everyone thinks that theirs is the cutest.  WE tv is about to settle that dispute once and for all as pups all over the country duke it out for the official title of America’s Cutest Puppy.

An “American Idol” for dogs (minus the singing of course,although these dogs will surprise you), “America’s Cutest Puppies” is hosted by Allen Lee Haff and begins its search in ten cities across the country for the cutest representative from San Diego, Miami, New York, Phoenix, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco. These lucky ten will go on to compete in the finale for the grand title and oodles of puppylicious prizes.

In no way is this your ordinary “cuteness” contest – these puppies have to have it all – cuteness, friendliness, playfulness and an outstanding personality. Through a series of rounds with special guest judges in each city, including pet socialite Wendy

Diamond, an NFL Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader, Boston DJ Erin Carman and Carlos Alazraqui of “Reno 911!,” only one will go on to wear the collar. The grand finale hosts even more craziness with a doggie couture fashion show and professional pup photo shoot with a celebrity pet photographer!

When it comes to a cuteness challenge, no competition is without drama, tears or arguments. “America’s Cutest Puppies” brings it all to the mat, with owners and dogs alike! When a shopping excursion at LA’s chic Fifi & Romeo pet boutique leads to some hostility, it’s only a matter of time before the owners’ pent up anger is released backstage for a catfight! Just who will win the national title? Will it be your city that represents? One thing is for sure, when you’re dealing with dogs, anything is bound to happen!

In “Adventures in Doggie Daycare,” Elise and her team take on the challenge of caring for over one hundred dogs a day. “It’s all about the love of poochery,” says Elise, owner of Downtown Dog Lounge in Seattle. Downtown Dog Lounge may look like your ordinary dog facility, with grooming, training, daycare and boarding. But throw in herbal ear washes, Brazilian pooch trims, acupuncture and diets that consist of ostrich and kangaroo meat – this isn’t your average pup care.

“It is a daycare for kids – just 4-legged kids,” says Elise. Whether it’s dealing with a first-timer, an unruly rather large dog, or hiring new employees (including one who doesn’t know how to use a mop), this chaotic yet fun-loving business never runs out of energy or surprises. There’s drama, unpredictability, love and yes – even a doggy wedding! This group will go to no end for their “kids” and customers alike.

“Adventures in Doggie Daycare” is produced by Screaming Flea. For WE tv, Steve Cheskin, Executive in Charge of Production; Gena McCarthy, VP Development & Production; Annabelle McDonald, Executive Producer. “America’s Cutest Puppies” is produced by Kaos Entertainment. For WE tv, Steve Cheskin, Executive in Charge of Production; Gena McCarthy, VP Development & Production; Megan Wilson, Executive Producer.

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5 Responses to “America’s Cutest Puppies & Adventures In Doggie Daycare Announced By WE TV”

  1. Owen Swaby Says:
    February 22nd, 2007 at 5:24 pm

    Fifi & Romeo is a Lifestyle Brand that is world famous for jump starting the pet industry. We are not a pet boutique. Working with the show America’s Cutest Puppies was fun and i hope everyone enjoys watching.
    213-840-0475 cell

  2. Jennifer Okwuosa Says:
    May 22nd, 2007 at 2:28 am

    I would like to know how I can register my cockapoo Reese Cup for america’s cutiest pup, or any other puppy contest. Reese Cup is very, very cute, friendly, playful, and loving! Please give me some info on this. Thanks


  3. hi Says:
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    September 12th, 2007 at 6:25 am

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