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Indie film Hits Philadelphia With Project Twenty1 Reality Type Competition

February 20, 2007 11:38 PM by Joe Reality

In January, Reality TV Magazine writer Neal Damiano attended Project Twenty1, an independent film festival in Philadelphia.  But this film festival was unlike any other, it was quite a unique event because each filmmaker had a deadline to meet.  The filmmakers had only twenty one days to film, edit, & package their film complete.  But here was the catch, each film had to incorporate a secret element.

Twenty one teams were chosen, and the element was announced on November 11th.  The element was the number twenty one.  Each filmmaker had to either show or mention the number twenty one in their film.  Fourteen teams successfully completed their films by the deadline.  The screening was at the International House Theatre in Philadelphia, and these films displayed just about every genre: comedy, drama, horror, animation, and everything in between.  Every film was creative in its own way.

The films that really stood out were Red Seven, 21 Seconds, One Over, Thanksgiving, Lucky Number 21, Second Sight, Funky Monkey, & In Zakk’s Case.  The awards were announced after the screening.  "Red Seven" took best acting, which couldn’t be more deserving because the acting was amazing, very heart felt & a lot of emotion.  One Over won for best use of element, which the idea was genius and the dialogue was hilarious.  "Cotton" which incorporated animation with film won for best cinematography. 

The grand prize winner "In Zakk’s Case" was a hilarious comedy about trying to cheat death. The protagonist somehow made a deal with god for twenty one lives but each time he died he lived his day all over again.  The filmmakers received a large memory drive, trophy, & the title of winner of Project Twenty1.

Other film mentions included "Thanksgiving," a gruesome horror short which entails a girl getting a cheese grater rubbed across her forehead, and "Second Sight," a film which asks what if you had the ability to randomly see ten seconds ahead.  Project Twenty1 had a nice wrap party at Marbar afterwards with food and drinks.  This is a great fresh new idea in indie film festivals and hopefully it catches on with a buzz.  More information can be found on their website at www.projecttwenty1.com

Written by Neal Damiano.  Neal Damiano is from New Haven, CT, and the founder of ND Productions.  His background inlcudes AllExperts.com  -Real World Consultant, Online Real World Trivia Champion 2yrs in a row, CTV Journalist Viewpoint- Inside Reality TV- Host & Producer, Press Coverage Real World Reunion Beacon Theatre NYC, Press Coverage on film Private Public featuring David Burns RW Seattle, Jason Cornwell RW Boston, Glen Naessens RW Los Angeles, Norman Korpi’s (RW New York1) Indie Film -The Wedding Video Long Isand screening premiere- Host & Coordinator, Footage shown on E Channel, and Joe’s World Foundation (Joe Patane RW Maimi)- Hosted several support party gatherings/events.  If you want to send Neal feedback, email him at nd.realitytvmag@gmail.com.

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