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Bravo To Air Marathon Of Taxicab Confessions

February 23, 2007 12:46 AM by Joe Reality

Bravo premieres five new back-to-back episodes of "Taxicab
Confessions," the critically-acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning documentary
series this Friday, February 23, from midnight – 5a.m. ET/PT. "Taxicab
Confessions" made its basic cable premiere on Bravo in December 2006
with the broadcast of four original episodes.

Voyeuristic and always curious, Friday night’s "Taxicab Confessions" marathon includes an off-duty trauma cop who recounts death scenes he has witnessed; a foul-mouthed young woman who admits to having shot her boyfriend in a fit of rage; a cocaine addict struggling with his yearning for drugs; a young woman who talks about the joys of body piercing and a surprise engagement in the back of a cab.

Raw, shocking and unexpectedly moving and poignant, "Taxicab Confessions" was groundbreaking as one of the original reality series. Using hidden lipstick cameras, the series allowed viewers to watch as unsuspecting taxicab passengers unveiled their most vulnerable sides, revealing stories of love, life and loss. The series struck a chord with viewers and critics alike and became a pop culture phenomenon. The first episode originally aired on HBO in 1995 and went on to win the Emmy award for Outstanding Informational Special.

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One Response to “Bravo To Air Marathon Of Taxicab Confessions”

  1. Mike Says:
    April 7th, 2007 at 11:27 pm

    what are the names of the people filmed in this cause i belive 1 of them is my uncle carmen


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