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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 8 – Show 3

March 15, 2007 10:46 PM by Joe Reality

Written by Belinda James with commentary by Dalia Jones.  Tyra cuts all eleven.  I was dreaming that Tyra cut all ten girls, fired her casting crew and
found ten new diamonds ready to work the runway.  Then I woke up and
realized this was the crying hair cut show.  In every cycle there is an
explosion of crocodile tears when the girls’ realize Tyra’s crew is
going to cut or color their hair.  Let’s see who the Hall of Makeover
Shame will go to this year.  Will the makeovers make them stand out
from the pack or just leave them in the dust?  Read on,

As usual in the first scene we always peak in on the girls to hear what they are saying to each other.  Most of them just miss their families.  Most of the girls are college age and I wonder if they will cry when it is time to leave for college.  The cry babies should definitely go to their local college to be near their families,. Sheesh!  Grow up already.

The first activity for the day is the famous, MAKEOVER SHOW!  This is the first time all of the girls were in a desperate need for a makeover.  As Tyra announced the changes, most of the girls were pleased with the choice of hair length and color.  Tyra did a crying skit to act out all the negative behaviors of past contestants.  In every cycle someone cried, quit the show, wondered what their boyfriend would think or just had hissy fits over the change.  The girls laughed at first, but once the cutting and coloring began, it happened, It was not a cry; it was worse, COMPLAINING followed by CRYING,.AAAAAUUUUGGGHH!  Guess who it was,,  Brittney.  She received weaved long, curly red locks.  "Whaaaaah, my hair itches.  Whaaaah, it hurts," cried Brittney.  Jael also cried but it was for a good reason.  She sat in the chair for eight hours enduring tight braiding and sewing of hair just to be told that they would have to take it out because it does nothing for her face. OUCH!  Not only was Jael’s head hurting but I can imagine her butt was on fire as well.  Her hair texture is so fine that they had to braid the hair extra tight and then sew the braids in place.  The next step is to sew the hair onto the braids.  If you ever want a face lift without surgery, this is the method to use.  The hair is pulled so tight into the braid that your entire face is pulled towards the back of your head.  Unbelievable, the price of beauty.

DALIA:  "Brittney complains too much; she has got to go home.  Some girls have been getting weaves for years so Jael has to just get over the pain and move on.  Cassandra had a little too much hair on top.  They need to thin it out a bit.  The contouring and highlight makeup job on her nose is excellent.  You see her photos are side views so that her nose appears smaller.  On the television show, the Agency, they would have told her to get a nose job.  I don’t know how she got in the top 13.  Casting is loosing its rep with me.  Would someone tell me why Ms. Jay got a makeover as well?  Was he bored?  He needs to be concentrating on the girls.  They need the most help.  Oh wait, he needs help too, did you see his before and after?  Whew.  Did they look the same or was it just me?"

All the makeovers look exceptionally beautiful except,the Russian girl, um, oh, Nathasha. Uugh.  She looked like a scarecrow.  Her blunt bang and shoulder length cut did nothing to improve her appearance.

DALIA:  "I love Nathasha’s positive attitude but you can tell that she is in love with herself.  The conversation with her 40 year old husband probably went something like this, "I am so beautiful.  If you think I am beautiful, will you take me to America so that I can be a model?"  Hahahah, This is too funny."

Back at the house Jael gets some bad news over the phone.  It seems that a friend died from an overdose.  (A moment of silence, please.)  Peace and blessings go out to friends and family members during this time of grief.  "It doesn’t make any sense," cried Jael.  Let me just say that when blessing come there will always be some type of distraction or event designed to pull you from your greater good.  Jael could have been so distraught that she could have quit the show.  However, she stayed and did an excellent job with her photo.  I would not be surprised if she wins the competition.  Let’s watch this season to see who will have the most adversity.  (Okay, enough of this spiritual trip… let’s get back to the show.)

The next day the girls are challenged to apply Cover Girl makeup and select a fun sun dress.  The girl who wins will be featured along with two other contestants of her choice to join her in a photo shoot with Seventeen magazine.  As the girls were trying on the dresses, full figured model #1, Diana was concerned that nothing would fit her body.  First of all, the show knew two full figures were selected therefore, the last thing I want to hear from the girls this cycle is that nothing fits.  There are plenty of stores/designers who make clothes especially for the fuller figure.  This is Cycle 8, get it together Tyra.

Brittney complained of feeling ill during the Cover Girl contest.  (Oh, brother.)  The girls only had a few minutes to accomplish a finished face.  During the count down Cassandra’s dress got caught in the bushes (they were in some type of flower garden) and she was disqualified for not getting to the finish line two seconds faster.  Anyway the winner was Ms. Complaining Brittney.  (Go figure.)  I gotta get one of those high tech televisions because I could not see how Brittney won.  Brittney chose Jael and Sarah who encouraged her to participate in the contest even though she felt sick.

The most negative, jealous, envious girl in the house award goes to Renee.  Her entire world is based on the "why her and not me" syndrome.  She feeds off of talking negative about others and sucks in poor unsuspecting victims who will listen to her vent.

DALIA:  "Renee needs to go home too."

The next photo shoot was a yummy treat.  The girls would pose nude while holding several scoops of ice cream in their hands.  All the girls were fine except Brittney.  She turned at least 3 shades of white.  Some of Brittney’s comments were, "I’m going to be in trouble when my parents see this.  I’m not going to be able to hold the ice cream in my hands.  It just will not work.  I’m freezing."  (Oh brother.)  Brittney may be a complainer, but she nails her shots every time.

I wish our full figure; Diana would ask the wizard for some confidence.  "She needs some me time in the mirror," says Mr. Jay.  "I’m not Jasleen," complained Diana referring to Jasleen’s size.  First of all Diana was selected because she is a fuller girl.  Diana needs to take a trip to the museum to see all the beautiful paintings of women ten times bigger during the Roman/Greek times.  This is when big women ruled. 

DALIA:  "Marilyn Monroe was a size 14.  Diana needs to get a few clues.  I really liked the ice cream shoot.  It was cute."

Before the elimination ceremony a picture was shown of Tyra’s candy photo. Guess what?… she was not nude.  Please forgive me but I am drawing a blank right now, but did Tyra ever take a nude photo? 

DALIA:  "Tyra took nude photos however; they are rarely seen by the public.  If the producers had to show a photo, it definitely should have been a nude photo.  Duh!  Question, if this was the makeover show, why was Tyra wearing a head wrap for the third week in a row?  Do you know what I miss at the elimination ceremony, the quickie challenges.  Remember Tyra used to test the girls on what they learned.  Usually nothing, but it was fun to watch."

Anyway, the judges loved most of the photos. However, Jael’s photo was excellent along with Sarah and Brittney.  Hey, these are the same three that won the photo shoot with Seventeen magazine.  On the other hand Nathasha does not know how to pose for the camera, Whitney is pretty but she is not "model" pretty, Jasleen photographs great but her personality disappears in person, Renee’s photo was just okay, Felicia thinks she is in a hip hop video, Diana needs to learn how to curve her body, Cassandra does not know what to do in front of the camera and the judges liked Dion’s photo; I thought it was a horrible photo.  In the end Cassandra and Diana were in the bottom two.  The judges felt that Cassandra is the girl in the house that gives everyone strength but cannot transfer that in her photos.  The judges also feel that Diana is a beautiful girl that should stand out and not fade into the background.  Cassandra was ultimately chosen as the one to go home.

All the girls were visibly upset and the tears started flowing.  Renee tried to shed a tear but her tear bucket was dry.  I don’t know what else to say,

DALIA:  Well I want to say that these girls need some clothes.  Tyra did not like Felicia’s clothes.  She looked like she was auditioning for a hip hop video.  These girls act as if they never watched the show.  This is cycle 8; the smart girl has enough clues to win this competition.  It’s embarrassing to have Tyra tell you to re-do your outfit on national television.  Nathasha just got a new hairstyle and she comes before the judges in a ponytail.  Brittney’s hair looked like a matted mess.  She complained to Tyra that it itches.  Did she really think that Tyra was going to feel any sympathy and have it removed?  NOT!  I cannot remember which cycle Tyra mentioned how models should dress.  She said all that is needed is a t-shirt, blue jeans and heels.  She used to buy men’s t-shirts and tie them in the back and WHA-LA, Model Material.

Belinda James will be speaking to Cassandra in an exclusive interview which will be posted online.  Remember to send in your questions for any of the contestants.  So far both eliminated contestants say that Adrienne, ANTM first winner, photo is not in the house.  This is not a good thing.   Oh well, I cannot wait to see what Cassandra has to say.  Who do you think will be the next to lose a chance at becoming America’s Next Top Model?  Email me at modeldigest@aol.com or visit me at www.warmspirit.org/beautybyreferral.

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