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Gene Simmons Family Jewels Second Season Premieres Tonight

March 25, 2007 12:03 AM by Joe Reality

Legendary KISS rock star Gene Simmons and his unconventional family are
back and better than ever for an all-new season of the hit real life
series Gene Simmons Family Jewels, premiering with back-to-back
episodes on A&E Sunday, March 25th at 9:00 PM ET/PT.  With its
trademark warts and all style, the series promises to shock and
entertain viewers as Gene and Shannon Tweed make television history
with the broadcast of their dual facelift operations!

Talk about reality TV.  For the first time ever, a celebrity couple allows cameras inside the operating room. Viewers will have an uncensored look at their plastic surgeries from pre-op to post-op, including the couple’s long road to recovery.  In addition to revealing their new faces, the new season will show whether Gene and Shannon can continue to be “Happily Unmarried” after more than 20 years together, Nick preparing to leave for college, Sophie fast becoming a young lady, and Shannon’s determination to have another baby – all while Gene is living the life of a Rock God.

From New York to Vegas, London to Paris and as far reaching as the tropical paradise of Turks & Caicos, follow the Simmons-Tweed clan as they set out to prove, yet again, why they are the most non-traditional, traditional family in America. 

Leslie Greif, Adam Reed and Gene Simmons are the series executive producers and Adam Freeman is the series co-executive producer. Gene Simmons Family Jewels is produced by The Greif Company and the Gene Simmons Company. Robert Sharenow and Didi O’Hearn are the A&E Executive Producers. 

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One Response to “Gene Simmons Family Jewels Second Season Premieres Tonight”

  1. edward przydzial Says:
    May 21st, 2007 at 12:45 pm

    Friday, May 18, 2007

    Photographer claims KISS’ Gene Simmons has violated his photographic copyrights

    Press Release – 07:46:30 – Universal Press Newswire

    KISS bassist GENE SIMMONS has been notified he’s violated another photographers copyrights.

    Edward Przydzial of Beverly Hills states; “Mr. Simmons has stolen and used/abused my copyrights as far back as 1997 when they returned to the classic make-up era of the 70′s… He has used my images on merchandise magazines, books, kisstory, metal edge magazine kiss specials and more. He has made no attempt to pay me or request usage in the proper protocol.”

    Przydzial from East Detroit states that “Simmons’ knows full well he’s violating my copyrights.” And has been in contact with Przydzial through Bill Randolph’s office in New York. Przydzial also claims that during his last dealings with Mr. Simmons, he made it clear that he would continue to use any photographs he chooses, if they are images of KISS or of any member of KISS, Simmons’ thinks he can legally do this. Fact is, he cannot and copyright laws say it takes 75 years before a copyright runs out. Mr. Simmons is not in the clear.

    Przydzial photographed the band from the years 1975 to 1983. He claims a loss value of more then a million dollars in black & white images and color slides. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons along with FBI agents in tow confiscate costumes and collectables from one of the many KISS conventions put on by fans of the rock band. Federal agents also confiscated costumes from a man named Joe Marshall of Detroit at the very same convention. Federal agents took nearly 12,000 images of KISS between those years from Przydzial.

    Przydzial also claims his photos have been published copyrighted under “The KISS Company” without his permission. He states that Fin Costello’s name was put on one of his photos in the book “Behind The Mask” published by Warner Books, he also states the transcripts for that book were confiscated from “The Kiss Museum News” fan club that Edward ran edited and published. He says a man named Curt Gooch used an image of his in the KISS Touring History Book and Mr. Gooch put his own name on it, instead of Edwards.

    “Mr. Simmons’ lied to federal agents about the truth of ownership. Simmons actually claimed he was “The KISS Museum” on the document he signed. Stealing said images as federal agents hand over Przydzial’s copyrighted photographs collection. And possible money changing hands or some other “sealed file” agreement.”

    “Right now I’m compiling and have been since ’97. I’ve got a huge box of KISS stuff with my images from calendars to lunch boxes. Lot’s of KISS merchandise have my photos on it.” Sony Signatures has also been named as part of the suit if Przydzial decides to pursue this further.

    Universal Press Incorporated


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