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The Real World/Road Rules Challenge Inferno 3 Premieres Tonight

April 10, 2007 12:34 AM by Joe Blackmon

Real World/Road Rules Challenge Inferno 3: Good Guys vs. Bad Asses premieres on MTV on April 10th at 10pm ET/PT.  The competitions intensify as
20 legendary veterans of MTV’s Fresh Meat Challenge, The Real World and
Road Rules are divided into two teams: The Good Guys and The Bad
Asses.  The two teams kick things up with the spectacular scenery and
wild terrain of Capetown South Africa as the backdrop for some of the
most extreme challenges ever, including pairs tethered together and
unraveling themselves on a thin beam suspended a 1,000 feet over the
cliffs, battering rams crashing through fortress doors, entire teams
using their own bodies to untangle a human braid, deep sea fishing -
but instead of fish, it’s a member of the opposite team struggling to
stop themselves from being reeled in!

Wild life within the ranks is way more dangerous than the wildlife outside.  This season is loaded with more of the drama and intensity the challenges are famous for.   Viewers will see unexpected twists and turns, including a cast member being kicked off on the first night, infamous alliances, meltdowns, betrayals, pranks that get way out of hand, bitter rivalries, dramatic farewells, new faces, grizzled veterans,and inner team politics scheming that threaten to tear them apart. 

Also this season, cast members will find themselves under the constant threat of being voted into the elimination hell of the Inferno – a one-on-one battle where the loser is sent home and the winner lives to fight another day.  Cast members voted into the Inferno will have the chance to compete for the coveted Life Shield which will allow them to select a teammate to take their place.  The Inferno challenges are bigger and better than other Inferno’s – like smashing your way out of a series of glass cages high above the floor, or being turned into human pendulums.   Host and pro BMX dirt jumper–TJ Lavin leads the teams once again through the ever-more-difficult and grueling challenges.  This time the teams will compete for more than $400,000 dollars worth of cash and prizes. 

Full episodes will be available on MTV.com directly after they air on TV.  MTV Mobile and MTV On Demand will also feature full episodes directly after each show starting May 4th.

Cast members include:
Bad Asses: Jenn (RW: Denver), Aneesa (RW: Chicago), Evelyn “Ev” (Challenge Fresh Meat), Janelle (RW: Key West), Tonya (RW: Chicago), Abram (RR: South Seas), Kenny (Challenge: Fresh Meat), Tyrie (RW: Denver), Danny (RW: Austin), CT (RW: Paris).

Good Guys: Susie (RR: Australia), Cara (RR12: South Pacific), Rachel (RW: Austin), Colie (RW: Denver), Paula (RW: Key West), John (RW: Key West), Ace (RW: Paris), Timmy (RR2), Alton (RW: Las Vegas), Davis (RW: Denver).

“The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Inferno 3 Good Guys vs. Bad Asses” is Executive Produced by Jonathan Murray and Scott Freeman; Co-Executive Produced by Justin Booth; Jeff Schmidt and Phil Gessert are Producers and Jacquelyn French and Drew Tappon are the MTV Development Executives overseeing the series. 

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2 Responses to “The Real World/Road Rules Challenge Inferno 3 Premieres Tonight”

  1. Jeff Says:
    September 13th, 2007 at 11:30 pm

    I am Jeff from Omaha, Nebraska, and who I am and what I do is of no importance, but I have had an idea for some years now that may intrigue your imagination.
    The ‘Real World’ was the original reality T.V. show, correct? The only problem is all the great ideas were used up on the first few seasons and now either people try to get on it to be an ass or ‘Real World’ has to have a competition with ‘Road Rules’ to get any ratings. How about going back to the ‘Real World’ and put a little twist on it.
    The problem is when you put 7 strangers in a million dollar house or high rise loft in a major city, and ‘giving’ all of them jobs, you just contradicted the title; it is not the ‘real world’.
    Instead, go to a small college town and find a coed house to have as your cast. There you will have a veiw of the ‘real world’. However, stay away from major Universities, such as USC, Texas, Miami, etc… Search for great party schools that are yet low profile. There is where you will capture the true ‘Real World’. I have the perfect place to start, my alma matre, Western Illinois University.

    Sincerely, Jeff

  2. MTV Gauntlet 3 Says:
    November 11th, 2007 at 6:34 pm

    The next leg of the challenge series looks to be hitting the airwaves in January. I can’t wait!


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