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Tempers Flare At Sky Sport On Work Out

April 24, 2007 12:03 AM by Joe Blackmon

"My stomach dropped, I felt nauseous when I saw the clothes," says
Jackie Warner when she sees the first samples of her clothing line. "I
opened the box and I was horrified, not one piece was representative of
my line and design." It’s more drama for Warner, this time with her new
clothing line. So how does she handle the mounting pressure of it all?
Find out on an all-new episode of Bravo’s "Work Out," airing Tuesday,
April 24 at 10PM (ET/PT).

In episode six of "Work Out," Warner prepares to show her clothing line to executives at Pavia clothing stores, but all turns sour when she sees her substandard clothing samples and realizes she can’t present them. "I was aggravated,because we didn’t have anything," says Warner minutes before entering the meeting with the clothing retailer at their Indianapolis headquarters.

Back in the gym, Erika Jacobson has a heated run-in with her Skylab client, Star magazine reporter Meaghan Murphy, about her commitment to training. "Your body is the only thing you have and if you don’t take it seriously, how on earth are you going to do anything else?" a frustrated Jacobson asks Murphy.

Later, Jacobson accompanies Murphy as she is fitted for a dress by "Project Runway’s" Nick Verreos, who is impressed with Murphy’s Skylab results. Says Verreos, "When Meaghan entered the room, I was like ‘wow!’ I know she’s been working out with Erika for just a month but I could see the difference."

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