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America’s Next Top Model Interview with Dionne

May 15, 2007 06:54 PM by Joe Blackmon

Written by Belinda Trotter-James.  The tenth girl to loose the chance at becoming America’s Next Top Model
is Dionne, the 20 year old college student from Montgomery, Alabama.  In an exclusive interview Dionne reveals how she coped with going back
to the regular life she had before entering the competition, her
definition of fake and much more.  Read on for all the juicy details,

QUESTION:  Do you think you left the competition too soon?
DIONNE:  I did not think it was my time to go.  I had a great week.  My photos were great and it was just a shock to me when Tyra did not call my name.  I could not move.  I did not realize that Natasha hugged me before she received her photo from Tyra.  I was in complete shock.

QUESTION:  At the end of the elimination ceremony you said that you would miss the lifestyle of a model.  Tell us about the adjustment you had to make when you went back home.
DIONNE:  It was totally crazy when I got home.  I kept waking up at 4 AM thinking I had to get ready for a shoot.  My family would be asleep and I just kept waking up during the night.  My day would be all screwed up.

QUESTION:  On the show you argued with people because you thought they were fake; why did you think that Renee was fake and what is your definition of fake?
DIONNE:  This is what happened; Renee would tell me negative things about Brittany.  Then Brittany would ask me what Renee said about her.  I told them to leave me out of their personal drama.  Then when we were in the waiting area, Renee and Brittany would be laughing and talking like best friends.  Everyone was stressed out and I just blew up and told Renee off.  I guess fake was not the right word to use.

QUESTION:  At the night club it seemed as though you, Renee and Jaslene only wanted to talk about how to get rid of Natasha instead of having a little fun.  What was up with that?
DIONNE:  It was never a set up or an alliance between us to get Natasha eliminated.  We were just chatting.  It was just one statement we made about her.  We talked about everybody but they did not show that part of our conversation.

QUESTION:  What was the most difficult thing about getting through the shoots?
DIONNE:  The shoots were not difficult.  Jay said that he had a difficult time coaching me but Jay was not a great coach.  He would say, "Girls, that’s not working."   Well, tell us what does work.  We are new models who need to get the basics.  I totally disagree with him.

QUESTION:  What did you think about your makeover?
DIONNE:  At first I was skeptical but then I got used to it.  I prefer longer hair but I can rock a lot of styles.

QUESTION:  What will you do now?
DIONNE:  I went back to my same old job and back to school for dentistry.

QUESTION:  Why wasn’t modeling in your list?
DIONNE:  Of course I want to model but we cannot do anything until the winner is announced.

Oh yes, I forgot that everyone’s life is put on hold until we announce the winner.  Imagine Kathleen, the first girl to be eliminated.  She did not have a chance to experience the main course.  She didn’t really get to taste the appetizer.  Well, Dionne should be proud of the fact that out of thousands of girls who auditioned for cycle 8, she made it to the top four.  We are down to the last three girls and still no one has seen Adrianne Curry’s photo in the top model museum.  Tisk, tisk.

Written by Belinda Trotter-James – Meet me here next week to read the last two interviews and congratulate the winner.  Next cycle we will bring you photos and updates on your favorite models and sports news.  Email me at Realitychicks1212@hotmail.com to be put on our e-list.  You can also visit www.warmspirit.org/beautybyreferral

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2 Responses to “America’s Next Top Model Interview with Dionne”

  1. Christopher A. Says:
    May 21st, 2007 at 3:58 pm

    I wonder if he still doesn’t kiss her boyfriend (like she said during the past cycle phootshoot with Kim Stolz)Besides Felicia and Kathleen she was my favorite. I loved Dionne and I wiush her the best.

  2. Daniel Hemen Says:
    May 31st, 2007 at 11:09 pm

    I am from Montgomery, AL.. I was really pulling for Dionne.. I let her know this today when I ran into her. I totally freaked out because I really wanted her to win and seeing her in person was excellent. She was very nice and very beautiful. She truly made my day! She had the most potential if you ask me.


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