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Boo of Survivor Fiji Discusses His Nickname, Strategy And Desire To Play Again

May 19, 2007 07:24 AM by Joe Blackmon

Boo_photoWritten By Ryan Haidet – Fifth place finisher of Survivor: Fiji, Kenward “Boo” Bernis, whose
fall off a hammock is not easy to forget, said his experience was
wonderful.  But why the nickname Boo?  “Boo is an affectionate term in
Cajun land,” he said.  “Since I was born my grandmother didn’t feel
like calling me Kenward because I was such a cute little baby.  Plus my
father has the same name.  So, she just referred to me as Boo cause
that’s an affectionate term.”

Boo, the 34-year-old construction worker of Lafayette, Louisiana, was one of two contestants in the final five who spent his entire Survivor experience at Moto, the camp that had everything.  As the tribes merged and camp was taken away, Boo said he was shocked and excited.  “They caught me by surprise with that one,” he said.  “It didn’t bother me.  I thought, ‘Wow.  OK.  Now the game’s gonna start.’  I wish it would have started like that in the beginning because I was arguably more competitive than most people.  So I wanted a challenge.  If somebody was getting an easier time out there, I would’ve wanted it to be me – and I did.  But, you know, that helped me physically out there, but it hurt me in the game strategy because I was relaxing (and) I didn’t get to make a solid alliance to protect people.  (When we kept winning immunity) everybody was fine and nobody looked up to me and said, ‘Wow he’s got me out of a sham and he’s been there for me.’  Strategically it was bad.”

The lack of forming a solid alliance is something he said he would do differently if given the chance to play again. “I would seek out an alliance before they seek me out,” Boo said.  “That way I would be in control of the alliance as opposed to being on the outskirts of an alliance.”

Being on the outskirts of the final-four alliance was a contributing factor to his ouster from the game.  At his final tribal council, Boo tried to convince the others he was a better person to take to the end.  “I was willing to take second place. I said, ‘Yau if anybody’s going to beat Dreamz in the challenges, you got a shot, but if you have me in there, I have a good shot also.  If you don’t, they’re gonna want you out of there cause they know they can’t beat you in the vote.’”  The next tribal council, Andria “Dreamz” Herd betrayed Yau-Man Chan when he reneged on his deal to give up immunity in exchange for a Ford truck.  “I had a sense of I told you so inside,” Boo said of his feelings following Yau-Man’s ouster.  “I was still upset I was gone from the game.  But it’s all water under the bridge now.  It made for a great, great show.  It helped this season out tremendously.”  He said, however, that he believed Dreamz would have kept his end of the bargain. “I believed 100 percent that Dreamz was going to hold his deal,” Boo said.  “Yes I did.  I was like, ‘Wow.’”

One of the best players, according to Boo, is one who isn’t even up for the $1 million prize.  He’s talking about host, Jeff Probst and his role at tribal council.  “Jeff is amazing,” Boo said.  “He’s sitting there pulling teeth.  He’s like, ‘I’m going to get these answers out of you.’  He calls on you.  If he doesn’t believe you, if he thinks you’re lying, he’ll say, ‘Hey look, that’s bull****.  You’re lying.  I don’t believe you.  I call bull****.  Tell us the real truth.  Grow some gonads.’  And he catches everything.”  Boo said if somebody would make a face or roll their eyes at a comment, Probst would catch it.  “He’s like, ‘Whoa Boo, you didn’t agree with that?’  I’m like, ‘How did you catch that?’  He’s quick.  And some people took that and got angry with him, like, ‘How could you do this to me?’  And I figure, OK, he’s got to play the game also.  This is part of the game – see if I can outwit him or dance around his questions.  And it was a challenge and it was a fun challenge going to tribal trying to dance around Jeff’s questions.  He’s one of the best players out there.”

He said he would play the game again in a second.  “If you would take me out there right now, I’d go.  I wanted to stay out there.,  I didn’t think of winning when I left (for the show).  I thought I could definitely go far.  When I first meet someone I’m likeable enough, I’m physically strong enough to keep them around for a while.  But I didn’t think I could win the game.  It consumed me.  It still has me consumed.  I would love to do another game and do it all over again.  Just the experience was unbelievable.  The social aspect, the physical aspect, fighting Jeff at all of the tribals.  It was wonderful.”

Banter with Boo
Reality TV Magazine:  Was Stacy as bad on the island as she was portrayed on the show?

Boo:  “She was worse.  I saw a lot of whining.  She’s a material girl and she made sure everyone knew it.  And then she would say, ‘I’m not that type of person.’  But she was, and would give examples of how she is that type of person.  Not knowing that we could understand, ‘Look, a little while ago you said you’re not that type of person, now you’re telling us you’re spending two or three thousand dollars on a shopping trip.”

Reality TV Magazine:  How bad were the bug bites?

Boo:  “When you get out there it does bother you.  I actually, I get bitten all the time where I’m from and I thought I was gonna get eaten up horribly and I got less bites than most people out on the island.  It was bad.  It wasn’t like we were dying.  So, you know, I took it as it was and I don’t think it was horrible.”

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