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Top Chef 3 Miami Goes Bilingual

May 29, 2007 11:19 PM by Joe Blackmon

Bravo announced today the cable network’s first-ever venture into the
Hispanic market with a multi-faceted promotional partnership with
sister network Telemundo and Bravo’s hit culinary series "Top Chef 3
Miami," (Wednesday, June 13, 10 – 11:15 p.m. ET/PT), the number one
food show on cable. The promotional elements will include creative in-show integrations for
both "Top Chef 3 Miami" and Telemundo’s popular morning show "Cada
Dia;" a webisode cooking series hosted by "Top Chef" season two
contestant Carlos Fernandez, produced in English and Spanish for
www.BravoTV.com and Yahoo!Telemundo (www.YahooTelemundo.com) websites;
and weekly blogs featuring Fernandez’s take on the series. The
announcement was made today by Jason Klarman, Executive Vice President,
Marketing and Digital, Bravo, together with Don Browne, President,

"Partnering with Telemundo is the perfect way to leverage the Latin influence of this season and drive viewership with the Hispanic audience," said Klarman.

"This alliance represents the perfect marriage between Bravo’s quality product and bilingual viewership and Telemundo’s bilingual talent," said Browne. "This partnership will strengthen Bravo’s presence among U.S. Hispanics and will increase Telemundo’s audience and awareness in the general market."

Bravo’s hit culinary series "Top Chef 3 Miami" features 15 rising chefs, a sizzling Miami kitchen, and the restaurant industry’s most renowned talent. The comprehensive Bravo/Telemundo partnership efforts implemented throughout the run of the series include:


"TOP CHEF 3 MIAMI" TELEMUNDO CHALLENGE – An episode of Bravo’s "Top Chef 3 Miami" will feature a challenge filmed at the Miami mansion made famous in Telemundo’s "Dame Chocolate," the Hispanic network’s latest novella. The contestants must prepare an authentic Latin meal for Genesis Rodriguez and Kristina Lilley, the stars of "Dame Chocolate," and serve to various Telemundo celebrities, including Maria Antonieta Collins and Jose Diaz-Balart from "Cada Dia," Telemundo’s morning show; Luisa Fernanda from "Cotorreando," a gossip show; Maria Celeste Arraras with "Al Rojo Vivo," a newsmagazine series; Natalia Streignard, a telenovela star; and Renato Lopez from "Vivo," a Mun2 series.

"TOP CHEF" WEEKLY COOKING SEGMENTS ON TELEMUNDO’S "CADA DIA" – Telemundo’s popular morning show "Cada Dia" will introduce a weekly cooking segment hosted by "Top Chef" season two contestant Fernandez – a bilingual Miami-based chef of Cuban descent – who will prepare the prior week’s "Top Chef 3 Miami" winning recipe and comment on the episode in Spanish.


BRAVOTV.COM WEBISODE COOKING SERIES "MIAMI SPICE: HOT RECIPES WITH LATIN FLAVOR" – Fernandez will prepare Latin dishes from across the various regions as host of "Miami Spice: Hot Recipes With Latin Flavor," a weekly webisode cooking series in English for www.BravoTV.com, with a link to Yahoo!Telemundo.

YAHOO!TELEMUNDO WEBISODE COOKING SERIES "SABROSAZÔN" – Fernandez will host a weekly webisode cooking series in Spanish for Yahoo!Telemundo entitled "SabrosazÃn" – a Spanish version of the "Miami Spice: Hot Recipes With Latin Flavor" series – where he will prepare Latin dishes from across the various regions. "Sabrosazo’n" will be linked to www.BravoTV.com.

BILINGUAL BLOGS – Fernandez will blog about "Top Chef 3 Miami" for www.BravoTV.com in English as well as Yahoo!Telemundo in Spanish – with a link connecting both blogs – giving fans a richer user experience and access to more "Top Chef" information.

Bravo’s "Top Chef 3 Miami" features the return of cookbook author, actress and host Padma Lakshmi to the judges table this third season, joined by Tom Colicchio, celebrated culinary figure and co-founder of Craft Restaurants; returning judge Gail Simmons of Food & Wine; and "Queer Eye’s" culinary expert Ted Allen.

Magical Elves returns to produce "Top Chef 3 Miami," as well as webisode series "Miami Spice: Hot Recipes With Latin Flavor," and "Sabrosazo’n." Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz and Shauna Minoprio, who produced "Project Runway" and "Project Greenlight" for Bravo, serve as executive producers.

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2 Responses to “Top Chef 3 Miami Goes Bilingual”

  1. marie Says:
    May 30th, 2007 at 5:21 pm

    I speak French. Where’s the partnership with French television?

  2. Boots Says:
    July 19th, 2007 at 9:27 am

    I watched a top chef 3 replay today and disgusted with Howie. He need to use head band. He looks disgusting with his sweat running down the food and he kept on wiping his forehead on his sleeves.

    Hung is a great chef but he need to settle down and stop the non-sense going aroung like a maniac with a knife on his hand. Be professional.

    The lady that Hung almost hit with his knife? Why don’t you quit your gripping? You got lucky once in your ilimination, you haven’t really proven you’re good. Stop talking about everybody. Nobody wants to know your opinion. Your dish is trushy and unappealing. Put your time and effort to your dishes and probably you’ll have a better chance to concentrate.



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