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Pirate Master Results – Christian Okoye Cut Adrift

June 07, 2007 08:05 PM by Joe Blackmon

Pirate_christianOn the second episode of Pirate Master, Captain Joe Don assigned job
duties to his pirate crew.  Captain Joe Don asked Sean to be cook and
Jay to be chief mate in charge of the crew.  While the crew ate gruel,
Captain Joe Don and his officers dined on fine food.

After unlocking the next compartment of the Chest of Zanzibar, the crew was divided into two teams.  Some of the crew joined the Captain and his officers on the black crew, and the other members of the crew formed the red crew.  The two pirate crews had to first swim to shore through shark infested waters.  Once on shore, the crews had to follow a trail down the beach to a snake pit.  Because the black crew was in the lead, they were able to launch a sabotage wooden gate against the red crew. 

The black crew was first to reach the snake pit, and Azmyth found and retrieved the compass plate.  The red team was slowed when Joy twisted her knee.  The black crew used the compass plate to direct them toward the treasure, and Azmyth also found the treasure.  The treasure had a value of $45,000, and half of the treasure went to the captain.  Captain Joe Don also got the opportunity to choose new officers, but he remained with his current officers Cheryl and Ben.  Captain Joe Don shared a small amount of money with the losing crew, which offended some of the crew because it was so little.

Captain Joe Don chose Kendra, Christian, and Joy to receive the three black spots.  At Pirate’s Court, Kendra argued that even though she was slow in the water that she was fast on land, Joy made the case that her knee was no longer injured, and Christian said that he would not take half of the treasure if he was captain.  The nine non-marked members of the crew voted off Christian Okoye by a single ballot, and Christian was cut adrift.

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  1. Jordin Sparks Says:
    June 9th, 2007 at 6:06 pm

    GO KENDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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