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Jerry Springer Goes Shirtless During America’s Got Talent Los Angeles Auditions

June 12, 2007 11:52 PM by Joe Blackmon

Agt_springershirtlessAt the America’s Got Talent Los Angeles auditions, David Hasselhoff
arrived fashionable late.  Hasselhoff took time to meet with
contestants waiting in line, while Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne
waited patiently inside.

Up first was Johnny Lonestar from Branson, Missouri, who did a rope twirling act.  Sharon Osbourne called him the happiest cowboy that she had ever seen, but Piers Morgan only liked cowboys who shot things.  Hasselhoff and Osbourne put Johnny Lonestar through to Vegas.

Cinda Ramseur from Valley Village, California sang “One Night Only.”  David Hasselhoff said “This is the kind of talent we’re looking for,” and all three judges unanimously put her through to Vegas.  Laticia Widman from Valencia, California sang “I Will Survive” with her mouth closed.  All three judges buzzed her, and Piers Morgan said “that has to be the most ridiculous thing that I’ve ever seen.”

The Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre from Las Vegas, Nevada was a cat trick act.  David Hasselhoff said “I have never, ever seen an act like that in my life.  I thought it was fantastic.”  All three judges put the act through to the next round.  Eleven year old Lil’ C from Stevenson Ranch, California performed a dance routine.  All three judges agreed on putting Lil’ C through to Vegas.

Tammie Brown from Long Beach, California sang and danced but was almost immediately buzzed by all three judges.  Grannie Pearl from El Cajon, California did a comedy routine.  Even though Piers Morgan said no, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff put Grannie through to the next round. 

Eli Kerr from Carson City, Nevada performed various magic tricks.  Sharon Osbourne said Eli was like a heavy metal magician, and all three judges agreed on sending Eli to the next round.   Galadin from Las Vegas, Nevada danced while flexing his muscles.  Host Jerry Springer took his own shirt off and joined Galadin on stage.  Even though Sharon Osbourne loved Galadin, Piers Morgan and David Hasselhoff buzzed him. 

The band Johnny Come Lately from Claremont, California sang “Hound Dog.”  Piers Morgan called their performance “absolutely brilliant.”  All three judges voted yes to put Johnny Come Lately through to Vegas.  The group Tika Rainn from Toluca Lake, California started rapping, but they were quickly buzzed by all three judges.

Jason & Nolan from Laguna Niguel, California played violins, and all three judges quickly buzzed them.  Jason & Nolan protested that they hadn’t gotten to sing yet, so the judges gave them another chance, but buzzed them again the minute they started singing.  Seventy-five year old Diana Augone from Los Angeles, California sang “Last Dance.”  Even though David Hasselhoff said no, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan put Diana through to the next round.

Cocoa Brown from Glendale, California did a stand-up comedy routine.  Sharon Osbourne called Cocoa, “a human machine gun,” and the judges unanimously put her through to Vegas.  Fred Grzybowski from Rittman, Ohio did tricks on a pogo stick.  Even though the judges were entertained, they didn’t think he belonged in the competition. 

Liang Patti from Orlando, Florida did a plate spinning act.  Even though Piers Morgan buzzed Liang to try to make her drop her plates, all three judges put her through to Vegas.  Eighteen year old Manuel Romero from Milpitas, California sang “My Cherie Amour.”  All three judges put Manuel through to Vegas.

Hanne Frederick from Las Vegas, Nevada sang “Summer Time,” and all three judges buzzed her before she finished.  Piers Morgan called her singing, “one of the most painful noises I’ve ever heard.”  Ivan the Urban Action Figure from Modesto, California did a breakdance routine.  Even though Piers Morgan said no, David Hasselhoff and Sharon Osbourne agreed on putting Ivan through to Vegas.

Michael Strelo-Smith from Oakland, California sang “This Is The Moment.”  Even though Sharon Osbourne initially said she got bored with Michael’s type of voice, she joined David Hasselhoff in putting Michael through to Vegas.

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4 Responses to “Jerry Springer Goes Shirtless During America’s Got Talent Los Angeles Auditions”

  1. e montgomery Says:
    June 13th, 2007 at 4:06 pm

    Jerry Springer has ruined this show. His feeble and amateurish attempts at being cute and entertaining are digusting. A NO talent person…why is he so successful?????????I wish he would just disappear

  2. Jerry's flab Says:
    June 13th, 2007 at 5:29 pm

    This show is nothing but filler. A few good acts, but nothing great!

  3. asim Says:
    June 16th, 2007 at 6:15 am

    what a style

  4. "idybit" Rock Erickson Says:
    July 9th, 2007 at 9:26 am

    America’s Got Talent Season 2
    “idybit” wont stop playing “America” even though he was XXXed.

    Like my grandmother “Gram” said “when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade”.

    The comments of Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff inspired “idybit” to launch the FIRST OF IT’S KIND MUSIC VIDEO featuring the MY2NZ 1″ (world’s smallest) harmonica. No hands?

    The video is an artistic expression to connect with you on a personal level. It is my desire to entertain you and share a sense of discovery together that’s new and fresh.

    Without YOU “idybit” is not the least bit unique.

    I think Jerry and the judges are good people.

    Just Add Air!


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