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Man Vs. Wild New Episodes Start Tonight On Discovery

June 15, 2007 12:03 AM by Joe Blackmon

In MAN VS. WILD, explorer and host Bear Grylls immerses himself in
remote survival scenarios, armed with only the basics — a knife, a
water bottle and a flint.  His goal?  To find his way back to
civilization,alive.  By putting himself in the most unimaginable
situations, Bear provides viewers with the knowledge to stay alive in
the wild.  Six all-new episodes of the popular Discovery Channel series
MAN VS. WILD will premiere on Fridays at 9PM (ET/PT), beginning Friday,
June 15. 

Each episode of MAN VS. WILD is based on real-life events where people fought for their survival after finding themselves in danger in popular wilderness locations.  A seasoned adventurer and former British Special Air Service soldier, Bear demonstrates the basic survival methods for specific locations — including navigation, making fire and finding water and food — and goes one step further.  As he explains, the people who stand the best chance for survival are those who are prepared to push the limits, and he certainly does so himself. 

From eating scorpions in Mexico and sheep eyeballs in Iceland, to drinking urine to combat dehydration in the severe heat and navigating the alligator-infested swamps of the Florida Everglades, Bear often employs extreme techniques that, while certainly unusual and sometimes unthinkable, may prove to be life-saving.

New MAN VS. WILD episodes airing through June and July bring Bear to the swamps of the Florida Everglades, the freezing landscape of Iceland, the canyons of Mexico, the outback of Kimberley, Australia, the jungles of Ecuador, and the wintry mountains of Scotland.

Online at discovery.com/manvswild, visitors can go behind the scenes with Bear with his personal photo diary and intimate thoughts about some of his hairiest moments in the wild.  Behind-the-scenes videos and a “life or death” scenario quiz are also featured, with new content and Q&As available as of June 1.  A second season of MAN VS. WILD is scheduled to air this fall.

MAN VS. WILD is produced for Discovery Channel by Diverse Production Ltd.  Rob Maciver is the executive producer for Diverse.  Mary Donahue is the executive producer for Discovery Channel.

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