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Age Of Love Results – Jodie Eliminated

June 18, 2007 10:28 PM by Joe Blackmon

Ageoflove_jodieIn the “Age Of Love,” thirty year old Australian tennis star Mark
Philippoussis is initially introduced to a group of seven older women.
Mark is caught off guard by the women’s ages, but he handles it well. 

For his first date, Mark took Jayanna, Lynn, and Maria repelling down the side of a building.  Even though Jayanna was initially afraid, she wound up flying down the side of building.  As Mark is off on his date with three older women, six younger women arrive in a helicopter.  While waiting for Mark, the younger women entertain themselves with a hula hoop.

For elimination night, Mark called the women and told Angela, Lynn, Jodie, and Jayanna to meet him downstairs.  As the four women waited on pedestals, Mark called them forward one by one.  Mark told Jodie that he saw her more as a friend than someone he could have something with down the line.  Jodie said “I have to go home tonight, but that’s ok.  That’s ok, I have my sweet little boy to see.  I hoped I’ve helped show that a woman in her forties is sexy and interesting and powerful.  Whoever the right person for me is, he’s out there.”

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4 Responses to “Age Of Love Results – Jodie Eliminated”

  1. agua Says:
    June 19th, 2007 at 12:26 am

    The producers of this show are morons. For this to be a fair situation, the male contestant should be 35….**NOT** 30! This makes it skewed towards the 20-somethings right from the start.

    A 35 year old is in the MIDDLE between the extreme age of a 40-something (i.e., 49 going on 50) & the extreme age of a 20-something (i.e., just turned 20). Then he would be around 15 years from both of these extremes if he were 35.

    INSTEAD, a 30 year old is only 10 years older than a 20 y.o. & almost TWENTY years younger (YIKES !!) than a 49 year old !!

    On the other end, a 30 year old can be very close in age to a 20-something (if she’s 29 y.o.), yet can only get to be 10 years close in age to the youngest 40-something (a 40 year old).

    Not only are they morons, but they’re D*^che B#gs for censoring my post on their site when I pointed this out.

  2. JH Says:
    June 19th, 2007 at 1:15 pm

    I agree wholeheartedly with Agua, it is definitely skewed, and we all know what the outcome is going to be….a twentysomething year old will be picked (As Agua said: logical age calculations will prove it)…. “picked”. Right there it’s pathetic. Why are these shows always having the men doing the “picking”? (other than a couple Bachlorette shows) Why do we women subject ourselves to the men “picking” us, instead of believing enough in our selves to say “Screw You, I’m going to do the picking”, or I won’t be a part of it! This show is not about showing how empowering and sexy a 40+ year old can look, it’s about trying to win the public argument that women are over the hill after age 40. Just take a look at almost all blockbuster movies, you will rarely see a gal over 35, unless she’s starring opposite an actor at least 15 to 20 years her senior. The ‘industy’ by this show, yet again have a forum by the calculated structure, to try to prove their point. No matter what damage you pubescent and misogynistic producers try to do, We’re HOT and that won’t change. We women over 40 are sexy, and that won’t change, no matter what bad image you try to attach to women of age. And by the way, this ‘supposedly’ cutting edge’ show took my post off too. What happened to freedom of speech? I am reposting it below:

    Talk about trying to keep women back in the dark ages!!! This is the doozie
    of them all.
    Hmmmmm, let’s see:
    We have a group of older women who are ‘NOT’ affectionately call ‘Cougars’,
    contrary to your description. Cougars stalk and eat their prey. Oh, what a
    lovely description to try to make a household name for women of age. You
    Producers should be ashamed of yourselves, but first slap yourself silly and
    wake yourself up from the dark ages (I bet your all scared, insecure,
    misogynistic men). We all know this phrase came from two popular ads/film
    from younger supposedly snotty females (they were just doing their jobs as
    actors), to cement this view, as it came from women, not men. Dialogue no
    doubt written by a man, and free game for anyone to use who thought they
    were being ‘cool’. It’s NOT. It’s archaic, uncool, and betrays the users
    mentality as insecure and unevolved.

    Then you have the ‘kitten’s, First perceptions of kittens, are of cuddly,
    innocent and cute. The exact opposite of a deadly cougar.

    And you call your show as having a ‘timely, unique twist’. How so? Older
    women have been blasted in the industry as being discards and users to every
    negative stereotype available, what makes cougar and the situations you plan
    on putting these older women in any different? You just want to cement the
    name ‘Cougar’ as yet another negative label to put upon older women.
    And to add insult to injury, you want to do this in the most publicized
    forum; on national television. And let’s not forget, you’re not empowering
    the women to CHOOSE the man, unsurprisingly and predictably, you want these
    women pitted against each other to vie YET AGAIN for the attention of ONE
    man. How pathetically transparent that is. I bet most of you Producers are
    men. And JD, and I use the word loosely; the creator, of this insulting
    show.., I can only bet you’re a man too. If you’re not, shame on you!

    In these reality dating shows you always make the women the needy ones. WHY?
    Yes, once in a great moon you’ll have a ‘Bachelorette’ show. Not enough.
    You truly want to make a sophisticated, ‘timely’, cool show? Don’t pit women
    OF ANY AGE, against each other, there’s too much of that in the real world,
    and use an older woman, don’t stereotype her at all (re: cougar) one week,
    and a younger woman the next, and have a group of men vie for ‘their’
    affections. Or, have a group of older and a group of younger women with the
    same amount of men pair off each week. Being eliminated through challenges
    both physical and mental each week adding that they can switch their partner
    as often as they’d like. This will create a great amount of drama as
    insecurities, jealousy, wit, humor, intelligence, attractiveness, etc. will
    reveal itself. Not the same old choose or be chosen show.

    But whatever you do, quit with the same old, tired message that the men are
    the desired ones who get to go through life choosing and not having to be
    subjected to being chosen. You guys already are sitting pretty in the real
    world. Men, for the most part, are historically chosen over women in
    careers, get better positions, move up faster, and are paid more for equal
    jobs as it is. And you have the green light to write denigrating shows such
    as this. Get some fearless women on your team who are not afraid to speak
    up, then maybe we might see some change. Look in your industry, you know
    this to be true. It’s high time you truly do try to represent for women, not
    couch the same ‘dark aged’ tired, recycled show only presented with a new
    pink bow on it, hoping we women not only swallow the same, old, tired
    message but keep us all, women and men, believing this same oppressed view.

    And by the way, contrary to your description re: kittens as sexy and more
    enthusiastic; I know of more ‘older’ women who being very sensual and sexy
    have more enthusiasm and energy in their little pinkies than a lot of
    younger girls (20′s), do in their whole bodies. It comes from being
    comfortable and confident in themselves. These young gals will get there too
    someday, but the ageist stereotyping campaign will obviously be attached.

    Here are some of the stereotypes women are perceived as: Cougars, Kittens,
    Bimbos, Dumb Blonde, Tomboy, Vamp, Femme Fatale, Bitch, Ballbreaker, Slut,
    Whore, Soccer Mom, Barbie, Wicked Stepmother, Spinster, Old Maid, Hag,
    Crone, Prude, Fag Hag, Nympho, Ice Queen, Dyke, Feminazi, Florence
    Nightingale, Lolita’s, Valley Girl, Debutante, Gold Digger, Trophy Wife,
    Stage Mom, Diva, Prima Donna, Jewish American Princess, Dragon Lady, Hot
    Tamale, etc.

    Now how about you men? What stereotypes do you have for men other than
    gigolo or Sugar daddy?

    Your show is just adding to the huge age-old problem; stereotyping and
    denigrating women, it does nothing to move our society forward in
    evolvement, accepting all ages in gender and all individuals for who they
    are and who they want to be in this life.

  3. Val Says:
    June 26th, 2007 at 8:49 am

    Well, this show could never come at a worse time for me. I will be 40 in September and I have already been soul searching about turning 40. I got married at 30 and it didn’t work out. The man I married was five years younger than me and while I yearned for a child, we found out he was sterile and was not able to father children unless we went through fertility treatment and we had no money for this. So, our marriage ended. I met another man a year later and at the age of 35, I got pregant very easily and delivered a beautiful boy at age 36. Me and the father of my son are still together and live happily. I am distressed, because I definitely want another child so my son can have a sibling and when I read all these horrible stories about 40 and older women having “dried up ovaries” it makes me sad. Life is diffrent for all, regardless of age, race, gender etc. I wish we could become a society free of labels. All the labels about “older women” is starting to make me depressed about turning 40 and I have NEVER been one of those women who is ashamed of her age. I just wish that things would have worked out differently for me when it came to having kids. I could embrace 40 a bit easier if I had finished all my childbearing. I just hope I am able to have one more child before it is too late and enjoy my 40′s and love my life!

  4. Nicole Says:
    June 27th, 2007 at 8:58 am

    I’m 31 years old and i think this show is plain hilarious. It just shows how ignorant some women in their 20′s can be. Do they not realize they too will be in their 40′s one day and will have to eat all the ugly words they have said about older women. Oh…their time will come and I wish them well!


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