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Age Of Love Results – Angela And Lauren Eliminated

June 25, 2007 10:40 PM by Joe Blackmon

Mark_skatingOn the second episode of Age of Love, Mark Philippoussis is introduced
to six beautiful women in their twenties.  Mark got
to know the six new women over a barbeque and drinks.  Mark also got into the
hot tub with the six young women, but the conversation stalled.  After
having met the younger women, Mark confessed to missing the older women.

For the first group date, Mark took the women in their forties roller skating.  The older women competed in a limbo competition to win alone time with Mark.  Angela won the competition, but Jennifer came and busted in on their time.  For his second group date, Mark invited Amanda, Adelaide, and Megan from among the younger women to come over to his place to play a dancing video game.             

At the elimination ceremony, the older women were introduced to the younger women.  Mark had to select one woman from each group to send home.  From among the younger women, Mark eliminated Lauren.  Lauren said “Mark is definitely going to be missing out on a lot.  You know, I have a lot to offer.  I’m only in my twenties which is why I’m not, you know, devastated.”  From among the older women, Mark eliminated Angela.  Angela said “You know, I’m forty years old.  I’ve had my heart broken before.  The thing is at my age it seems like the time period is getting a little bit shorter.  I don’t want to miss out on everything.  I just want to find that one.”

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