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On The Lot Results – Jessica Brillhart Eliminated

June 26, 2007 08:31 PM by Joe Blackmon

Jessica_brillhartOn the seventh episode of On The Lot, host Adrianna Costa revealed that
the director with the fewest numbers of viewer votes was Jessica
Brillhart.  Jessica’s movie had been “The Orchard,” which hadn’t been
well received by the judges either.  Guest judge Mark Waters, who
directed “Mean Girls,” joined regular judges Carrie Fisher and Garry

Shalini Kantayya made the movie “Dr. In Law,” which was a comedy about a man getting revenge on his father-in-law in the doctor’s office.  Carrie Fisher said “I thought you did a really, really good job.”  Mark Waters said “I got some really good laughs out of that.”  Garry Marshall said “At the very end, I didn’t think it was quite complete.”

Adam Stein made the movie “Discovering The Wheels,” which was a comedy about a group of caveman who discover a car.  Carrie Fisher said “I thought it was good, and I’m always looking forward to what you do.”  Mark Waters said “It’s hard to be cinematic and funny at the same time, but I think you succeeded in doing that.”  Garry Marshall said “I must say it held my attention, and so did this blonde behind me.”    

Will Bigham made the movie “Nerve Endings,” which is a comedy about a brain surgeon and his intern.  Carrie Fisher said “Only you could make blood and an exposed brain seem adorable to me.”  Mark Waters said “I thought this was kind of a misfire.”  Garry Marshall said “I think it was my nightmare, but your good film.” 

Hilary Graham made the movie “Under The Gun,” which was a comedy about a mom and daughter robbing a sperm bank.  Carrie Fisher said “You redeemed yourself.”  Mark Waters said “Totally fun to watch.”  Garry Marshall said “Thelma and Louise rob a sperm bank got you back in the competition, Hillary.” 

David May made the movie “How To Have A Girl,” which was a sex comedy about a couple trying to make a baby.  Carrie Fisher said “It was a little confusing to me.”  Mark Waters said “It didn’t really work for me.”  Garry Marshall said “I think you’ve done some better stuff.” 

Zach Lipovsky made the movie “Die Hardly Working,” which was a comedy about a battle in the workplace.  Carrie Fisher said “Your film is fantastic.”  Mark Waters said “You’re ridiculously talented.”  Garry Marshall said “I think you made fighting and killing look silly, the way it should be made to look.” 

When asked by host Adrianna Costa which film was their favorite, Carrie Fisher and Mark Waters picked Zach Lipovsky’s “Die Hardly Working.”  On the other hand, Garry Marshall picked Hilary Graham’s “Under The Gun.”

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2 Responses to “On The Lot Results – Jessica Brillhart Eliminated”

  1. Ben Says:
    June 27th, 2007 at 11:53 am

    I am hooked on this show because of Zach’s short movies. Every week I watch just to see what he’s going to come up with. He’s incredibly brilliant, entertaining and a hell of a cut above the rest. I don’t know how long they will be able to string along this competition when you have a contestant so clearly above the rest.

  2. NJE Says:
    June 27th, 2007 at 1:18 pm

    I totally agree with Ben because Zach is far and away the best on the show! I also like Will, Sam, Mateen, and Andrew. I really don’t like Hilary (although she did really well tonight), but I HATE Kenny! I know he wasn’t on tonight, but I can clearly see why VFTW is supporting him. He was such a jerk during the beginning of the show, and his teammates from the second challenge are now both gone, and I think it’s unfair. Go to film school jerk!


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