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Pirate Master Results – Sean Twomey Set Adrift

June 28, 2007 09:38 PM by Joe Blackmon

Piratemaster_seanOn the fifth episode of Pirate Master, the fifth compartment on the
Chest of Zanzibar is opened up to reveal playing cards with maps.  Once
again, the captain, the officers, and the crew are divided into a black
crew and red crew.  The two crews paddled to an anchor on the shore.
After hitting the beach, the crews raced to the Voodoo forest.  The
black crew was in the lead and tripped into a booby trap that helped
the red crew narrow the gap.

In the Voodoo forest, the crews found a spyglass and instructions to return to the anchor and search for a heart.  At the anchor, the crews spot the heart on a nearby island.  On the other island, the crews found a gravesite with a clue that directed them to a palm tree.  The red crew found the treasure in a hole that Christa on the black crew had started digging.

The treasure had a value of forty thousand dollars.  The red crew selected Azmyth as the new captain.  Captain Azmyth selected Ben and Jay as officers, and Captain Azmyth once again shared the treasure with the crew.  Nessa heard other members of the crew plotting against her, so she became determined to get the pardon.  Knowing that Nessa was going for the pardon, Captain Azmyth and his officers decided to mark Sean, Louie, and Laurel with the black spots. 

At Pirate’s Court, Louie defended himself by saying he was a fair captain, Laurel defended herself by saying she was doing her best with the expeditions, and Sean defended himself by saying that he wanted to be there and cook them a great dinner.  After the crew vote, Sean received the most ballots to be set adrift.  Sean’s only chance was the pardon, but it turned out that Nessa had the highest bid for the pardon. After being cut adrift, Sean Twomey said "I really was surprised I was cut adrift tonight.  There’s a lot of conniving going on on that ship.  I think they are trying to cut off some of the stronger competitors.  I was kind of blindsided by that one.  I kind of blame that little triage of guys I thought I was close with.  I mean all three of them decided to give me a black spot, and I’m pretty positive they swayed the votes the way they wanted it to go, but it’s a game, and I got railroaded, man."

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