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On The Lot Results – David May Eliminated

July 03, 2007 08:21 PM by Joe Blackmon

Onthelot_davidmayOn the eighth episode of On The Lot, host Adrianna Costa revealed that
the director eliminated from the competition this week was David May,
who had made the movie “How To Have A Girl.”  Adrianna also revealed
that Will Bigham, who made the movie “Nerve Endings,” received the
highest number of votes from viewers last week.  After the elimination, guest
judge Eli Roth, the director of “Hostel,” joined regular judges Carrie
Fisher and Garry Marshall to offer opinions on six horror movies from
the aspiring filmmakers.

Kenny Luby made the movie “The Malibu Myth,” which was a story about a couple investigating a myth about some college students that disappeared.  Carrie Fisher said “Compared to your other stuff this was ‘Gone With The Wind.’”  Eli Roth said “The buildup I thought was better than the actual attack itself.”  Garry Marshall said “I think your monsters were really good.”   

Sam Friedlander made the movie “Anklebiters,” which was about a new species of animal that bit people’s ankles.  Carrie Fisher said “I thought it was really good.”  Eli Roth said “The attack is fantastic, that’s the strongest part.”  Garry Marshall said “I thought you stood your ground and make a very solid film.”   

Andrew Hunt made the movie “Midnight Snack,” which was about a woman going to get a snack in a house of horror.  Carrie Fisher said “I thought it was really entertaining, which is what the point is.”  Eli Roth said “To me it played more like a Got Milk commercial.”  Garry Marshall said “I think I’m a sucker for comedy in anything, so I thought it was funny.”

Jason Epperson made the movie “Eternal Waters,” which was about a drowned child that came back to protect his mother.  Carrie Fisher said “Congratulations, my favorite thing of yours so far.”  Eli Roth said “If you have an actor that’s not quite getting there performance-wise, which is what I felt at the end, I didn’t really buy it, don’t shoot them in close-up.”  Garry Marshall said “I’ve got two words for you, “sen sational.”

Shira-Lee Shalit made the movie “Open House,” which was a story about a couple looking to buy a house that turned out to be haunted.  Carrie Fisher said “It didn’t scare me that much.”  Eli Roth said “It felt kind of clichÃ-ridden.”  Garry Marshall said “I think your better suit was comedy, Shira-Lee, truthfully.” 

Mateen Kemet made the movie “Profile,” which was a horror twist on racial profiling.  Carrie Fisher said “As a storyteller, I think it didn’t really work for me.”  Eli Roth said “I think you could have done more with the subject matter.”  Garry Marshall said “I think that it was a very admirable and a very brave try.” 

When Adrianna Costa asked the three judges to pick their favorite horror movie of the night, the three judges had three different answers.  Carrie Fisher selected Andrew Hunt’s “Midnight Snack,” Eli Roth selected Kenny Luby’s “The Malibu Myth,” and Garry Marshall selected Jason Epperson’s “Eternal Waters.”

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  1. MayRain Says:
    July 4th, 2007 at 4:36 pm

    Hi! I just ran across this article on AintItCoolNews.Com it talks about on the lot, and about stuff the producers were doing like picking contestants for round 2 before round 1 was over, or passing submission films the contestants made at home as brand new material (no wonder i saw snow!!) anyway, here’s the link http://www.aintitcool.com/?q=node/33198


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