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Pirate Master Results – Joy McElveen Cut Adrift

July 05, 2007 09:12 PM by Joe Blackmon

Joy_mcelveenOn the sixth episode of Pirate Master, Captain Azmyth apologized to
Laurel for what he said about picking sides after marking her with the
black spot last week.  The sixth compartment of the Chest of Zanzibar was opened,
and the pirates were once again divided into a black crew and a red
crew.  Captain Azmyth and his officers were on the black crew.

The two crews swam to shore and then had to run to a bunch of ruins.  In the ruins, the crews found a rope ladder that they had to carry into the mountains in search of a wrecked longboat.  At the wrecked longboat, the crews found a map on the bottom of a seat that directed them to masts in the trees. 

At the masts, the crews hung the rope ladder in order to reach a key hanging from a tree.  After retrieving the keys, the crews followed a path through the woods to a footbridge.  At the bridge, the crews had to decipher clues on the bridges wooden steps.  After the bridge, the black crew found a ship painted on a rock that helped them find the treasure first.  The treasure had a value of forty thousand dollars.

Captain Azmyth and his officers Jay and Ben decided to take a bigger share of the treasure this time instead of splitting evenly between the crew as they had in the past.  Captain Azmyth and his officers decided to mark Kendra, Joy, and Joe Don with black spots. 

At Pirate’s Court, Captain Azmyth said he nominated Kendra and Joy because they were slow and Joe Don because he was a strong competitor.  Joy pleaded her case by saying she never gave up.  Kendra pleaded her case by pointing out that out of six expeditions that she had been on four winning crews.  Joe Don pleaded his case by pointing out it would be tough on the remaining pirates if he was gone.

The highest bidder and winner of the royal pardon was Joe Don, who paid twelve thousand dollars.  However, Joe Don did not need to use his royal pardon as not a single ballot was cast for him.  Joy McElveen received the most ballots and was cut adrift.  Joy McElveen said “I hate losing.  I gave 110%, and when you lose it hits you pretty hard, but then you get up, dust your knees off, and keep going.”

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One Response to “Pirate Master Results – Joy McElveen Cut Adrift”

  1. Dog Says:
    July 6th, 2007 at 7:05 am

    Joy is lucky she lasted THIS long! With being seasick, hurt knee, quitting on expeditions….


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