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Paula Abdul Speaks Out In TV Guide

July 06, 2007 12:01 AM by Joe Blackmon

Over the years, Paula Abdul has endured any number of major setbacks
including a debilitating airplane crash, an automobile accident, a
highly publicized divorce (from actor Emilio Estevez), and ongoing
eating disorders that once dropped her weight to a low of 83 pounds.
On top of all this, she has had to face the harsh scrutiny of the
tabloid media, which has frequently painted her as a scatter-brained
nutjob and lobbed accusations of substance and alcohol abuse.  In TV
Guide magazine’s July 9 cover story, the
choreographer, dancer, singer and American Idol judge speaks out about
her triumph over these trials, insisting that she is a survivor.  “I’ve
endured life journeys that people never in a million years would ever
think of experiencing,” she says.  “I have risen from the bowels of
hell and come out tripping and singing and dancing.  I’ve always been
counted out, but I come back, like a stealth warrior.”

Now with a new reality show, Hey, Paula, Abul says she hopes to set the record straight about who she really is:  a hardworking entrepreneur, a good person, and an example to others. “What I do feel proud about myself is I don’t give up,” she says.  “I’ve worked extremely hard to maintain the integrity and level of class and goodness that I have.  I screw up just like everyone else.  The difference with me is that I get to teach the rest of the world lessons, to learn how to bounce back a lot quicker.” 

In fact, it is her ability as a public figure to be an example to her fans thatâ⬔in part anywayâ⬔ motivated her to open up her life to reality show cameras. “Partially [I decided to do this show because of] the fact I know my life purpose:  Having the uncanny ability to tap into the heartstrings of people and make them feel they’ll be OK.  And that if I can get through these hard times, so can you,” she says.

As much as she wants Hey, Paula to be about her personal integrity and professional successes, the show inevitably focuses on Paula’s foibles, including mix-ups with her schedule and misunderstandings with her staff.  Notably, the media has honed in on one scene in the premiere episode when she dresses down her assistants for bringing her the wrong outfit for a cross-country red-eye flight.  Paula insists that it is her aides who come off looking bad, not her.  “When I look at that scene, I feel bad for my assistants, ’cause they look like they’re not on the ball,” she says.  “And I’m forgiving enough and kind enough to not be inappropriate in front of the cameras.”  In fact, she says, she is the ideal boss.  “I wish I could work for someone like Paula Abdul.  Honest to God, I am the kindest-of-kind human beings.”

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3 Responses to “Paula Abdul Speaks Out In TV Guide”

  1. boudica Says:
    July 6th, 2007 at 2:44 pm

    If Paula had any real friends, they would schedule an intervention now. Trouble is she has no real friends so they are all getting paid while watching her slur her downfall. I have RSD and i have to be on pain medication but I do not take near the levels that Paula must take, with her eyes always looking like she is high and with her continuous slurring and being totally out of control. This woman needs rehab badly or we are going to witness another death and American Idol fans will be crushed (for a minute).

  2. Paula Abdul today is a NO TALENT Says:
    July 7th, 2007 at 10:59 am

    used to be she was such a GREAT dancer and singer – but went down the tubes and became a NO-TALENT….I wouldn’t watch her show for all the tea in the world…*lol*

  3. Tomas Wong Says:
    August 17th, 2007 at 4:45 am

    Hi, I only care that I have my mother proud of me. Because I know that my father hates me so I really don’t care if he is proud of me or not. I have tryed to walk the strait and narrow path and faltered afew time. But, at the end of the day I would like to know that my Mother was proud I was her son
    I am sorry if it to you not interestingly.


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