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Hell’s Kitchen Results – Melissa Firpo Eliminated

July 09, 2007 09:35 PM by Joe Blackmon

Hk3_melissaIn the sixth episode of Hell’s Kitchen 3, Chef Ramsay challenged the
aspiring chefs with preparing a live lobster.  Bonnie started crying
because she didn’t like killing lobsters.  Chef Ramsay told Josh that
he would be sitting out the challenge to make it three against three.

After tasting the dishes, Chef Ramsay declared the red team the winners.  For their reward, the red team got a photo shoot with In Touch Magazine.  For their punishment, the blue team had to dig through all the garbage in order to find things that could be recycled.  Rock was infuriated over losing the challenge.

As an added punishment for the blue team, Chef Ramsay told them that they would have to retrieve the lobsters from the tank for dinner service for both kitchens.  During dinner service, the blue kitchen was slow in getting their appetizers out.  In the red kitchen, Chef Ramsay yelled at Bonnie for starting a fire.  In the blue kitchen, Chef Ramsay yelled at Melissa for overcooking the fish. 

After some meals got sent back to the blue kitchen, Chef Ramsay shut down the dinner service.  Chef Ramsay declared the blue team the losers, and he asked them to decide among themselves who should be nominated.  Before the blue team could reveal who they nominated, Chef Ramsay told Melissa to step forward, take her jacket off, and get out of Hell’s Kitchen.  Melissa Firpo said “I was the worst person in the blue kitchen tonight.  I’m upset that I had to leave.  I didn’t want to leave.  I think Chef Ramsay sent me home tonight because he expected me to perform, and he said he’d give me one chance, and I didn’t.”  Then, Chef Ramsay said he wasn’t done yet and asked Brad and Josh to step forward.  After chewing them out, Chef Ramsay told them both to get back in line that he was giving them another chance.

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